Book launch: ‘Phoenix Rising, Pioneering Chinese Women of Malaysia’ (21 Mar 2015)

Book launch of Phoenix Rising, Pioneering Chinese Women of Malaysia by Dr Ho Tak Ming at Symphony Suites on Saturday, March 21 at 3pm by Professor Lynn Hollen Lees, Professor of History, University of Pennsylvania, United States.
Through the centuries Chinese women have had to struggle under a load of injustices – denial of education, ineligibility to sit the civil service examinations and hold official posts, female infanticide, concubinage and foot binding, to name a few. They had largely remained silent because they did not have a voice. As China descended to abject poverty in the nineteenth century, the lot of Chinese women became even worse.
Phoenix Rising, Pioneering Chinese Women of Malaysia is the story of Chinese women who have immigrated to this country and forged independent lives different from that in China. Like the phoenix, the Chinese women will soar to greater heights given equal opportunities and just social conditions.
Professor Lynn Holles Lee in her foreword to the book says:
“But the core of Phoenix Rising is an appreciation of females whose individual identities are essentially lost to history: women who worked as domestic servants, mui tsai, cooks, dulang washers, or prostitutes; women who raised children and became the wives and concubines of the hundreds of thousands of male migrants to Malaya. This book brings a realistic awareness of the difficult lives most women lived in past times with admiration for those who helped their families to survive and who used their native talents to advantage.”
Phoenix Rising is the fifth book by Dr Ho Tak Ming.
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