Royal Belum Welcomes 10 Different Hornbill Species

By Rosli Mansor
The Royal Belum Forest Reserve is an important biological resource for the country as well as a valuable natural breeding ground for plants and animals. Amongst the different native species that nestle in the forest of Royal Belum, the Hornbill family is one of the valuable species that can only be found in the Asian and African Continent.
Amidst the lush green forest that is 130 million years old, tourists can witness the calm and soothing environment while witnessing hundreds of Hornbills flying freely among the woods. Even though the species may seem invulnerable, it is actually on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s (IUCN) list of threatened species due to habitat loss and illegal poaching.
The Different Hornbill Species in Peninsular Malaysia
Malaysian Nature Society (MNS) is currently taking the initiative in protecting the different endangered species in Malaysia, especially the Hornbill species in Temengor and Royal Belum starting from year 2014.
MNS’s Right Conservation Manager, Yeap Chin Aik, said that the forest reserve of Royal Belum-Temengor, Perak and Ulu Muda, Kedah is currently the habitat of at least 10 of the total 54 species of the birds in the entire world. On the other hand, Sabah and Sarawak only has 8 different Hornbill species. Other countries such as Indonesia and Thailand also have about 13 different Hornbill species each.
“The two different locations in Peninsular Malaysia are iconic tourist attractions that have managed to attract tourists from all over the world. Since year 2004

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