Bar.Racuda’s DIY Barbecue

A new concept in dining has been introduced in Ipoh by Bar.Racuda Restaurant & Bar. The do-It-yourself BBQ dinner will see diners enjoying their barbeque amidst a lighted garden setting without the hassle of preparing the grill themselves.
At Bar.Racuda Restaurant & Bar, those who come by for DIY BBQ dinner will be served with a charcoal barbecue grill ready for cooking, oil and four types of sauces; namely, mayonnaise, black pepper sauce, Thousand Island and light soy sauce. Diners could request for tomato and chilli sauces without additional charge.
To allow more patrons to enjoy the concept, Bar.Racuda Restaurant & Bar does not impose a minimum order. On the menu to select from include servings of meat such as chicken, lamb, beef, duck and fish. Other items to choose from are seafood. Non-grill items are vegetables, soups and rice. Prices start from a pocket-friendly RM5 per serving.
Said bar manager Inderjit Singh, “Our BBQ dinner is available every evening from 6pm onwards. Alternatively

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