Outstanding Issues Must be Tackled by State Government

By A. Jeyaraj
The following issues are not new. People in power did not have the willpower to take action. While in the opposition PH assemblymen did not push for action to be taken. Now being the ruling coalition there is no excuse to sit on these issues which are affecting the public. Further delay will make problems more serious. Some issues are under the jurisdiction of MBI (Ipoh City Council) which did not take any action.
Second Public Hospital

Second public hospital for Ipoh is in the Ipoh Structural Plan 2020
No action has been taken for construction of said hospital
GH, Polyclinic and other clinics are operating at full capacity
During interim period, to cope with increasing demand, extend opening hours of existing facilities to ease congestion
Since the problem has been acknowledged, action must be taken
Talking about providing quality health service is not enough. Do it.

Annual Flooding

After heavy rains, Ipoh and other towns in Perak get flooded
After the major flooding in 2012, flood mitigation projects were planned to be implemented in badly affected areas like Kampung Manjoi and Lim Garden and funds were allocated
No action has been taken to date
There were two flooding incidents in Lim Garden, Kampung Manjoi and surrounding areas during the month of May
Residents live in fear of flooding whenever it rains
Developments upstream of Sungai Pari will cause flooding downstream
Half of Holland is below sea level and the country has no flooding. Get advice from them.

Acute Parking Problem

Getting a parking place in any part of Ipoh is like striking a lottery
Not possible even to get illegal parking spot
During implementation of one way traffic flow system in the seventies, parking bays were planned to be constructed at strategic locations. This was not done
Over the years this has aggravated the problem
Many tourists are coming nowadays and aggravating the situation
Businesses would lose customers
This mess must be solved

Stray cattle problem

Stray cattle can be seen in many places in Ipoh
Signboards warning of cattle can be seen in housing estates
Fatal accidents have taken place
Residents in many housing estates have complained of the problem
The places where cattle graze, stinks of urine and cow dung
Ban rearing of cattle within towns and allocate places outside the towns to rear cattle
Provide quality of life to ratepayers

 Decentralise Public Transport

Buses are for the service of the people and must go to them
Allow express buses to operate from strategic satellite hubs as before
This would be convenient and economical for operators and passengers
Relook into routes of town buses which now travel with just a couple of passengers or empty
Get feedback from public for routes
Feeder buses may be a solution
Minibuses would be more suitable for town routes
Encourage people to use public transport to ease traffic jam and parking problem

Poor road maintenance

Quality of road maintenance is not acceptable
Pot holes are appearing very fast in newly paved roads
Stagnant pools of water can be seen in newly paved roads
Patching does not last long
Roads are uneven and bumpy
Look into specification and supervision of road maintenance
Present condition of roads not acceptable

Pedestrian walkway/five foot path

Ensure pedestrian walkway and five foot path are safe to use
They must serve their purpose

It is said “new brooms sweep clean”; I hope the new government does its job.

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