State Legislative Assembly Sitting

The Perak State Legislative Assembly siting continued on Thursday, November 29 before breaking off on Friday, November 30. It will resume on Monday, December 3.
Some of the matters discussed and debated in the august house were the following:
Voluntary Contribution
Husbands not able to contribute even RM5 to help their wives earn money for the future. This was one of the reasons why many housewives did not register for the Suri Incentive Voluntary Contributions (i-Suri).
Executive Councillor for Women and Family Development and Community Welfare, Wong May Ing (DAP – Pantai Remis) said as of November 28, out of the 13, 603 qualified households only 1454 (10.7 per cent) were registered with i-Suri incentive programme.
Housewives, widows and single mothers whose particulars are listed in the National Database on Poverty (eKasih), can register for i-Suri. They need only contribute a minimum of RM5 monthly into their retirement savings accounts to be eligible to receive financial incentive of RM40 per month. The money will be deposited into their EPF accounts.
“Employees Provident Fund (EPF) and the Implementation and Coordination Unit (ICU) have organised numerous programmes throughout the state to convey the importance of these contributions,” said Wong.
“The response, however, was disappointing,” she added.
Ready to face music
Opposition Leader Hj Saraani Mohamad (BN – Kota Tampan) will not stop from telling the truth. He did not feel threatened by the police report made by MP for Batu Gajah, V. Sivakumar.
“I’ve all the evidence regarding executive councillors who sought Umno assemblymen’s support for a vote of no confidence against MB,” he told reporters during a press conference on Thursday, 29 November.
Menteri Besar Ahmad Faizal had earlier urged opposition members to focus on the state legislative assembly. “They should use the additional hour given by the Speaker to debate matters of interest not pick on him,” he sighed.
Enhancing Tourism
According to the Department of Statistics Malaysia, Perak is the second-most visited state in the country.
“Some 7.6 million domestic tourists visited the state in 2017. That represents a 5.5 per cent increase compared to 2016. We expect the number to increase to 6 per cent in 2018,” said Tan Kar Hing, Executive Councillor for Tourism, Arts and Culture.
The state government had undertaken several initiatives to promote Perak, locally and abroad. Among the initiatives was the introduction of local products to media representatives and tour agencies from Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Japan.
The other, which the state is actively pursuing presently, is the grouping of eco–tourism products by clusters. There are four clusters, in all. The first is the Taiping-Batu Kurau-Bukit Merah-Kuala Sepetang. Second is the Ulu Geroh-Gua Tempurung-Gopeng-Batu Gajah. Third, the Royal Belum-Lenggong-Kuala Kangsar. And fourth, the Pulau Sembilan-Teluk Senangin-Segari-Melintang cluster.
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