Rumours Unfounded

The Haven Resort Hotel and Residences chief executive officer, Peter Chan, has faced many obstacles in his line of work. No matter what, he has overcome them with grace and finesse befitting his demeanour.
One favourite method employed by his detractors, or perhaps enemies, is making false accusations which are aimed at belittling his efforts and his project. His current stint in Tambun, Ipoh is not without such distractions, which can be discomforting and irritating at times.  
Incidentally, the Haven Resort Hotel is a 2016 Travellers’ Choice Award winner based on the reviews of the global travel community – the highest honour given by TripAdvisor. Hence, it is little wonder that there will be some who would spread rumours, perhaps out of envy of Peter Chan’s success. The Haven has to date won 42 national and international awards, a feat few could replicate.
The latest spin, which has gone viral on social media, is about a stabbing incident involving one of the resort’s apartment owners, a lady. The rumour mill is hard at work turning a fictitious incident into a serious crime taking place within the confines of The Haven.
The truth is, the lady in question is alive and walking around the resort, hale and hearty.
Peter’s pet project comes with a 24-hour 8-level surveillance system. The resort is covered with a 16-megapixel high definition CCTV incorporating the latest digital technology. Therefore, an incident such as this is highly improbable.
This is a classic example how a cooked-up story by a malicious person can spread like wildfire, especially with the advent of the social media.
“The accuser has nothing better to do but to undermine all my good efforts. Looks like some don’t really appreciate what I’ve done for Ipoh,” Peter lamented.
Mei Kuan

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