MBI Does it Part




In our September 1 issue Ipoh Echo highlighted the plight of the Merdeka Garden residents who constantly feared that the Pari River would overflow its banks each time a heavy downpour occurred. 

Echo also reported the actions that MBI and the Drainage and Irrigation Department would take to alleviate the problem before the end of the year.

On November 4, MBI Councillor Lai Kong Phooi called a press conference to announce that they had done their part which was the completion of the rubbish trap to prevent rubbish from flowing into the pump area thus enabling the pump to discharge flood waters effectively and efficiently.

MBI has committed to monitor and clear the trapped rubbish 6 days per week. MBI will also put up a signboard warning residents not to throw rubbish into the sump.

With the completion of the rubbish trap “at least 80% of the problem is solved”, said Dato’ Lee Kong Yin, BN’s Service Centre Chairman.

Dato’ Abdul Razak Dahalan, DID Director, when contacted on the upgrade to be done by his department responded that they had “recently awarded the work to increase the capacity of the pump sump and work would start this month”.

As for the residents they are ‘satisfied’ at the actions taken by MBI. “Now we have to wait and see how the system will work during a heavy downpour”.