Pilot Project On Organic Farming For Ipoh Students



Students of a number of secondary schools in Ipoh are being introduced to organic farming, composting and environmental protection under a pilot project of the Ipoh Rotary Club. It is being sponsored by the CIMB Bank Foundation.

The project will be held in three stages. Stage one – is to visit an organic farm, stage two – is a seminar conducted by trained personnel on the technical aspects of organic farming, and stage three – on setting up the farm.

According to the project’s chairman Dr. Tan Teong Heong, the aim is to educate the students on sustainable agro-free farming using canteen green wastes and organic compost.

The techniques of composting and environmental preservation and protection will also be taught. He says it is one of the club’s community service projects.

The first school to participate in the project is SMK Raja Perempuan Ipoh. About 1,200 students from the school are expected to benefit from it.

Recently about 50 students from SMK Raja Perempuan went on a field trip to an organic farm, Green Wish Vege Garden in Chenderiang. They were accompanied by Ipoh Rotary Club’s president Mr. Wu Chee Thutt, CIMB’s area retail manager Encik Mohammad Harith Abdullah and representatives from the school.

On arrival, they were briefed by the farm owner, Mr. Kenny Ng. It was followed with a tour of the farm and a lecture about composting, starting with harvesting IMO (Indigenous Micro-Organism) from the forest with cooked brown rice and ending in the final compost mixing with cow-dung or goat-dung.              

After a hearty vegetarian lunch, the group left the farm and visited a nearby Orang Asli Settlement to distribute some food, used clothing and shoes before returning to the city.



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  1. Just browsing website for organic farming in/around ipoh. Came across the above pilot project for students. Wander why no such project for adults. I am very interested in Organic farming and want to learn more about it as I am going to retire soon.

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