Direct Road From Buntong To Taman Mas


The old route to Taman Mas from Buntong was through Kampong Kachang Putih. The road is narrow with speed breakers and is winding. However, now the small stretch of road branching from the roundabout in Jalan Sungai Pari has been extended to Taman Mas. This is a direct road and the distance to Taman Mas is reduced. The road is more or less straight and traffic moves smoothly not only to Taman Mas, but to Falim and Menglembu as well.

The residents appreciate the initiative taken by MBI for providing a pleasant drive.

However, the signboard for the name of the road is missing. I called Jabatan Perancang in MBI and was told that the name is Laluan Sungai Pari. I hope signboards will be installed soon including a signboard in front of the roundabout indicating the destination of the roads branching from it.


1 thought on “Direct Road From Buntong To Taman Mas

  1. Well i appreciate the work and the afford by MBI , but why is there a terrifying signage message next to the bridge a few km saying use of bridge at your own risk !!! is there no sense of belonging , responsibilty fr our local authorities..

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