Floods Hit Merdeka Garden & Surrounding Areas Again


Residents in a wide area covering Merdeka Garden, Taman Idris and Taman Muhibbah along Sungei Pari were badly affected by floods following a heavy downpour recently.

This was in spite of the flood mitigation project completed middle of this year at Merdeka Garden and the installation of a sump pump.

Houses in the flood prone area, which were not affected in the past, were flooded. Many of the occupants were caught unprepared when the water entered their houses.

In most cases, the floods caused the water closets in the bathrooms to overflow with sewage water. The worst affected roads were Jalan Sungai, Jalan Merdeka, Jalan Muhibbah, Jalan Hassan and Jalan Habib Abdullah.

Spokesman for the Residents Association, M.Bala, said that when new drains were constructed and roads paved in the areas, the levels of the roads were altered. Low ground became slightly higher and high ground became lower.

 He said the new drains were also under designed and could not cope with the excess water. The catchment pond was overflowing and the capacity of the sump pump not adequate to discharge the water fast.

Bala added that they had meetings with MBI, DID, PWD, Indah Water and Batu Gajah Land Office and until now there is no solution. 

 State  DID Director Dato Abdul Razak Dahalan, who was contacted regarding the floods, explained that the alert to switch on the pumps was received late.

He said the current pumps need to be started manually upon being alerted by the residents.

As to the floods solution, Dato Abdul Razak said retention ponds need to be constructed as proposed.  

The request for an allocation for the retention ponds and other remedial plans had been made to the federal government last year but the allocation is not forthcoming due to being diverted to more urgent locations.

 On a short term measure, work has started to enlarge the sump pump and is expected to be completed by end of next month. A larger automatic pump will also be installed to replace the pump currently in use.


1 thought on “Floods Hit Merdeka Garden & Surrounding Areas Again

  1. As a resident of Taman Idris for more than 10 years, the plight of the residents here dealing with the flash floods has worsened now . Despite all the affords taken by the various groups in the vicinity, it had only fallen on deaf ears. The inhabitants of Taman Idris are mostly baby boomers, and I have personally seen senior citizens struggling to clear their belongings during flash floods. With the current trend of rainfall it only takes less than 15 minutes to create havoc in that area. Due to this, residents are unable to go on holidays or even have a break with their family members. It is also important to note that Taman Idris is situated along Jalan Tun Abdul Razak – which gives access to road users bound for north and south of the National Highway. It is also an eye sore to the city as most of the vehicles plying Jalan Tun Abdul Razak, may give a negative impact of the city. Dengue is quite common in our area and fogging can be sighted quite frequently too. The root cause of dengue should be identified before fogging could be done. Water stagnation, narrow and clogged drains should be rectified before fogging. Views of mosquito eggs and lava could be seen on the clogged drains. As such, flood is the most important problem here at Taman Idris. The problem of flood at Taman Idris is there for more than 15 years, as such the concerned authorities should take it seriously and look for ways to sought the problem.We also understand that funds are not forth coming and funds are allocated for more urgent locations. But we are waiting for more than 10 years for some remedial measures by the concerned departments. When is it going to happen……

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