Ombak Day Spa


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Ombak House

136 Jalan Foo Win Yin, Canning Garden, Ipoh.   Tel: 05-542 6811

Embark on a spa getaway while still remaining in the comfort and convenience of our hometown Ipoh. Traipse to Ombak Spa, just located in Canning Garden by taking the Jalan Raja Kam route after the roundabout. Ombak House offers a whole range of treatments, including Steambath, Jacuzzi, and its signature packages. Besides packages they also offer various single-treatment massages like Migraine Massage, Cellulite Massage, Tungku (garam kasar) Massage just to name a few. Prices start from RM15 to RM60. Packaged treatments start from RM70 to RM320, and includes Post-Natal 3 Days Massage for mums who have just given birth. Besides that, they also do facials and various other treatments. You’ll just have to traipse in to this rustic, Malay-influenced spa house to get a taste of it yourself!

Chic ‘N’ Sleek
102 Jalan Dato’ Lau Pak Khuan, Ipoh Garden, Ipoh.   Tel: 05-5489055   

H/P: 016-5504900


Chic ‘N’ Sleek is a tailor with a difference. Wonderful fabrics flow from Christie’s (the designer and seamstress) racks, showing rich hues and intricate designs. The material is sourced from Kuala Lumpur, so its influence is very traditional and local. Yet the designs are not limited to just traditional wear. You can of course choose the wonderful fabrics available to create your own lovely apparel. Material sufficient for a long dress costs approximately RM70, and workmanship will add another approximate RM250. You can assure good workmanship because beading can be done if chosen – not all tailors do this. Whether it’s for a dinner function, a cocktail dress or just whenever you feel fanciful, turn to Christie for your very own custom-made outfit and she will not let you down.

Seng Tek Frame Trading

107 Jalan Dato’ Lau Pak Khuan, Ipoh Garden, Ipoh.   Tel/Fax: 05-5463252

Each one of us has memories in our lives which we cherish, framing our best-loved photo moments in frames. A frame can add significant value and meaning to our favourite picture; it adds a touch of detail and sentiment to it, depending on what kind of frame we decide to frame our photo. Be it a frame for a photo, or a frame for an etching or painting, leave it to Seng Tek to do a good job for you. Besides framing, Seng Tek also does lovely custom-made oil paintings (which come from all over the world including Europe, Hong Kong and locally), sells glass and mirrors and ready-made frames.

Ren Kan Traditional Healing Centre

22, Pesara Ipoh, Ipoh Garden, Ipoh.  

Tel: 012-5663379,

016-5667821 [by appointment only]

I am sure acupuncture is not unfamiliar to many of us, especially the Chinese. Indeed, acupuncture is believed to have originated from China, and is a technique which involves inserting and manipulating fine filiform needles into specific points on the body to relieve pain or for therapeutic purposes. Ren Kan offers acupuncture treatments by a Chinese physician. Other treatments involve cupping, skeletal traction, massage, treatment for frozen shoulder, strained neck, hip pain, muscle pain, men’s sicknesses and so on. A unique factor about Ren Kan is that besides being just a treatment centre, it also sells a range of organic food. You will find many health products on sale, so traipse in for a dose of good health.

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