Pranic Healing


Whether you call it ‘Chi’ (Chinese) or ‘Prana’ (Sanskrit), it is the ‘Breath of Life’ or in Sanskrit, ‘life-force’. Pranic healing is a ‘no-touch, no-drugs’ therapy utilising ‘prana’ to heal physical and emotional ailments. No part of the recipient’s body is touched and no medicines are prescribed.

A recent talk on pranic healing given by Mdm Indra Ramamoorthy from the Centre for Prana Yoga & Self Transformation, Kuala Lumpur, was held at KAMI (Kinta Action on Mental Health Issue Society Perak), 4 & 4A Lebuh Perajurit 3/2, Taman Ipoh Boulevard Timur, 31400 Ipoh. This was followed by 2 days of free pranic healing and a 2-day workshop for a basic pranic healing course. The participants were shown how to feel the energy in the room. With a series of swirling, flipping and stroking hand movements, healing was performed on a couple of participants.

Pranic healing can be used as a complement to traditional medicine. The practitioner works on the energy body of the person which is cleansed and energised. Because the prana is taken from the earth, sun and air, the practitioner’s energy is not depleted.

The Centre hopes to open a branch in Ipoh sometime in December. To find out more, email: or visit: