Touched By ‘ANGELS’


Mother-of-seven’s cherished wish granted


It was like an episode of the TV series ‘Touched by An Angel’, when Madam A. Vene suddenly found her cherished wish come true. For years, 46-year-old Vene had lived in a dilapidated wooden house without electricity and water supplies and struggled to keep her seven children together with a RM400 monthly allowance from the Welfare Services Department. Her lorry driver husband had walked out of the house about five years ago.

She works as a cleaner for the houses in the area, while eldest son Mathiakasan, 15, sells balloons after school to earn extra money. Her wish was for better living conditions for the family and aid for her children‘s education.  Vene’s other children are Anantha Arasi, 13, Tamil Arasi, 12, Pogarajan 11, Shamini, 10, Kugilan, 7, and Uvarajan, 5.

Then out of the blue, just before the recent Deepavali, a group of visitors from the Pantai Hospital Ipoh (PHI) led by the hospital’s chief executive officer Dr. Dilshaad Ali, turned up at the family’s RM100-a-month-rent house in Kampung Pundut in Manjung. They had to leave their cars at the main road and walk for three minutes to the house located in a secondary jungle not accessible by any vehicle.

The visitors had come merely to distribute sundry items and clothes to the family, but the sight of the house and the living conditions were enough to emotionally move them to decide there and then to help relocate the family.

The group, which included the hospital’s resident consultants and staff members, were on its ‘Caring from the Heart Project’ to the poor and underprivileged people in Lumut.

That visit had changed everything. Indeed, the family was touched by ‘angels’.   Since then PHI has moved the family to a better house at Lot 5144 Kg Pundut, Jalan Lumut, and purchased household items for them. PHI is also paying the monthly house rental and groceries. The next move will be to help in the children’s education.

PHI, which is part of the Pantai Group, advocates being socially responsible as a healthcare provider. Its commitment is to give back and reach out to the community.

In conjunction with its ‘Caring from the Heart Project’, PHI also visited and provided sundry items and clothes to other families in Jelapang, Tambun, Manjung, Lumut and Hutan Melintang. 


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