Police Dialogue With Residents Of Lim Garden


Turn-out by residents at dialogue sessions with the police on security problems in the city have been disappointing. A representative from the central police station, Chief Inspector N.S. Rames, said the response was poor at the various dialogue sessions he had with residents’ associations.

He was responding to the speech by Shafruddin Nasution, chairman of Rukun Tetangga Lim Garden, who had expressed disappointment with the poor attendance. Rames said the residents should realise that the dialogue  sessions were held to give them the opportunity to discuss security problems in their areas with police. The purpose of the meeting was also to foster good understanding between the police and the public.

He added that the effectiveness of the police depends on the co-operation of the public. The  police patrol housing  estates  regularly, however the residents should also inform the police if they see any suspicious activities in their area so that patrol cars could be sent to the vicinity immediately.

Corporal Noraini bt Abdulla from the Rakan Cop Unit explained the concept of Rakan Cop. Residents, who were registered as members of  Rakan Cop, could send SMS of any suspicious activities free of charge and their identity would be kept anonymous.

The residents informed the meeting that common crimes in the area are snatch theft, house breaking and stealing of water meters and metallic items. They also claimed that suspicious and unruly characters were sitting in the bus stop and parks and strangers on motor bikes and bicycles circle the area frequently.

Rames replied that the police could not simply arrest people for sitting at the bus stop, public parks or using public roads for no apparent reason. Police could only arrest them if they violated the law.

The residents’ requested that since there is a school in the area a Police Beat Base or Mobile Police Unit be set up. Rames said occasionally Police Beat Base would operate near the school and advised the residents to inform the police if they were away on vacation so that their houses could be patrolled frequently.


4 thoughts on “Police Dialogue With Residents Of Lim Garden

  1. Saga, Yes I’m sure they are doing a fine job. Like this:


    wasting taxpayer’s money and time when police ought to have their hands full just combating the snatch theft menace. I certainly do not feel safe walking the streets at night.

    Please do tell me that I am wrong and that they have 101% of their minds and effort on combating crime rather than wasting my tax money infiltrating a legally constituted political party like it’s a secret society.

    Where does my tax money go to anyway? : (

  2. Sir,

    The Police are doing a fine job. Chief Insspector Ramesh explained very clearly to the Residents present, the role of the Police and their commitment to the Public. But the Residents were not there in full force, though I was told that The Rukun Tetangga had distributed about 900 leaflets to the Residents of Lim Gardens on the programme.

    Some of the Residents have 101 excuses in not attending functions of this nature. Credit shoud be giving to the Organisers for such events. Neighbours have an important role to play in a Taman by way of integrating with their neighbours in disseminating information of whatever the nature of information is.

  3. In my life I’ve made a few police reports. Twice my motorbike was stolen and twice they asked me for bribes to “recover” the bike.

    Then my wallet got pickpocketed. I even have proof in the form of CCTV recording on the perp using my stolen credit card, so that they can make identification and make arrests, but funnily enough they are not interested in the proof.

    So whuffor I make a police report??? For the police to take action???

    “Ehhhh.. takde lah. Nah, ni salinan ini, pergi Jabatan Pendaftaran buat balik IC, tu je.”, so says the female police constable. NFA, no prizes on guessing what it stands for.

    Then my wife’s handbag got snatched by a Mat Rempit at night. Made a police report and had to go to a smelly & dark building in order to give statement, which was taken by a bored fella in a smelly dirty office.

    “Usaha diteruskan,” so says the end of the statement. But as can be guessed the only usaha he did was to usaha to catch up on sleep.

    Next time I get robbed, the last thing I wanna do is to make a police report, since they are not really interested to catch the perps anyway. It’ll save a lot of my precious time and a lot of their time, since this is what they wanted.

    So what now… a dialogue session with residents on how to curb crime??? Why not a dialogue session among themselves on how to really take the rakyat’s reports seriously and catching the perps for a change.

    I’m sorry to say this, as a taxpayer, and as the son of a policeman, the police is hopeless.

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