Rotary Club – Secondary Schools Scholarship Award


Receipients reading their scholarship letters

The Secondary School Scholarship Awards 2009/2010, each worth RM100, were presented to 136 students from secondary schools in the Kinta District of Perak on January 14.

The presentation ceremony was held at SMK Main Convent. The Kinta District Education Officer, Said Manap, presented the awards to the students. Present were Rotary Club of Ipoh President Mr Wu Chee Tatt and Ms Loh Wei Seng, the Principal of SMK Main Convent. The scholarship fund was started in 1971 by 12 participating schools by entrusting RM5,000 each which was matched on a Ringgit-for-Ringgit basis by the Rotary Club. Each school is entitled to RM1,300 annually for distribution in the form of scholarships.

The selection of the scholarship’s recipient is based on the student’s scholastic ability and financial needs.

One of the recipients, Choong Hui Yean, who spoke on behalf of all the recipients, thanked the participating schools and the Rotary Club of Ipoh for the award, “which would be put to good use for their education and other necessary fees”, adding that the care and concern shown by Rotarians is a “fine example of community service towards the plight of needy students and in line with the spirit of 1Malaysia”.

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  1. My daughter Genevieve Martinez attends Archbishop Carroll High School. Currently she is in 10th grade. he receives the opportunity scholarship for her tuition. She owes $823.00 in back tuition from last year. The opportunity scholarship only paid $7500.00 for last year. I paid most of the balance untill i could not pay any more because iused my rent money to pay it. I am on public assistance because i am schizophrenic. She will not pay any tuition this year because her scholarship is $12000.00. I appreciate it if you help me pay the balance from last year. We will take anything. Thanks for your cooperation.

  2. I am PP David Sukhdev Singh from Rotary club of Miri Sarawak and staying the 25th night at Paragon city hotel. Would like to fellowship if an opportunity exist

  3. tommy,
    please get in touch with the President of the Rotary Club of Ipoh, Mr Wu Chee Thutt. His H/p # is 012 508 2868.

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