YB Wong Kah Woh, Adun Canning (Dap) Urges Police To Take Action


At least 5 similar cases of assault of which the most serious case was the death of an aging woman has happened in Ampang and Taman Cempaka in the past 3 months. In all these reported cases, the Police have failed to arrest any suspects. YB Wong Kah Woh (pic left) , ADUN Canning, in a press statement, raised questions as to why the police have been so passive in their investigations and why have they not carried out regular patrols in the area.

The modus operandi of the gang of 4 motorists appear the same in all cases, the latest victim being Mr. Lee Kong Leng (pic right), 85, who was on his way from Ampang to Taman Cempaka on January 21 at around 7.05 a.m. The group wielded parangs and set upon Mr Lee who defended himself with his arms and was fortunate to get away suffering some cuts and bruises. Wong went on in his press statement that if another case should occur, the responsibility must rest fully with the police if no action and preventive measures are taken.