Muzium Gopeng Launches Its Corporate Logo

Unveiling the Corporate Logo

Muzium Gopeng which first opened its doors last year launched its corporate logo on 15th February at 2 p.m. on the second day of the Year of the Tiger.

The auspicious ceremony complete with a roaring lion dance performance was held at its premises at 28 Eu Kong Street, Gopeng, the heritage home of the Yaw family for 5 generations.

Bernard Yaw, the Chairman of Muzium Gopeng in his opening address welcomed the almost 200 guests that afternoon. Many amongst the guests were former students of Sekolah Menengah Jenis Kebangsaan Idris Shah, Gopeng, including their ‘beloved’ Headmaster Y. Bhg Dato’ Seri N.S. Selvamany.

Selvamany presenting his antiquue clock to curator Phang

Selvamany, who was the guest of honour, praised Bernard and his family for “bringing back glory and a future to the town of Gopeng. Bernard has shown his love for the town and country by contributing his Mun Chong heritage home and turning it into a museum, a gesture that cannot be measured”.

Selvamany then presented to Bernard and its museum curator Phang See Kong with an antique clock and a box of ‘kam’ (‘gold’ mandarin oranges). A sum of RM7,000 collected by the ex-students of Sekolah Idris Shah was also presented to curator Phang.

Lion dance at 28 Eu Kong Street

Commenting on the launch of the logo Bernard clarified that they could now get serious about promoting the museum and confirmed that he had registered their website and the page was currently being designed.

In conjunction with the launch, the museum had organised a month long exhibition of antique wall and table-top clocks. Most of the clocks on display were of European origin and was originally sold by 3 main Gopeng clock shops during its heyday. The exhibition ends on 16th March.


7 thoughts on “Muzium Gopeng Launches Its Corporate Logo

  1. Bernard, thank you for your kind words. My 7 yr old son would like to see the grandfather clocks. While at the gate he asked where were the “grandmother” clocks and the “father” clocks? Kids say the darnedest things!

    We’ll be there this Saturday again.

  2. Congratulations to all those people in Muzium Gopeng especially Bernard Yaw , Mr Phang and Ms Chew for their dedication and effort.

    Gopeng can now boost of the Muzium and its eco-tourism products (Caves, jungles, water rafting, rafflesia, orang asli lifestyle,etc.)

    Another complementary tourism product from Gopeng is the traditional lifestyle of the kampung people in Kg Sg Itek and Kg Pintu Padang notably their homestay programme .
    You can observe and experience their “Rawa Malay” culture and tradition with local Malay handicrafts and unique dessert like the “Kemalai”, etc. You can buy the crafts at Kg Pintu Padang. The community there is upbeat to promote their traditions.

    Hope more people or the respective communities in Gopeng can be encouraged to promote Gopeng’s potential. Among them like the ornamental fish farms, fruits ,etc.Perhaps some seasonal exhibitions and festivals in Gopeng.

    David Foon

  3. Dear Mr. Ong,

    Our many apologises for yours and your son’s disappointment on that day. It should have opened on the 20th since it is Saturday. I suspect Mr. Phang and Ms. Chew Wan, must have gone out for family meals considering it was still Chinese New Year. I commend them for working on the Wednesday and Thurs when alot of visitors came back to Gopeng for their CNY celebration. The opening hours were obviously quite erratic during this busy holidays.

    In the future, you may call Mr. Phang directly at +60175785185 for another appointment.

    Once again, our many apologises.

    Best regards,

    Bernard Yaw

  4. CNY has got everyone in a festive mood. No wonder the museum doors are closed. No fault of the owner, Bernard Yaw. Try again next week, Aaron.


  5. Went there this afternoon about 12pm. Was surprised and sad to find it closed though a sign beside the collapsible gate says that it only closes on Weds and Thurs only. Even loitering for 30 minutes did not help as no one opened the gate. My son was quite disappointed not to see the grandfather clocks up close.

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