Plainclothes Officers to Catch Culprits of Illegal Dumping


Come on Ipohites, bring out your civic conscience!

Ipoh City Council is faced with a mammoth problem of keeping the city clean. It has identified 14,000 illegal dumpsites within the city – an average of about 50 residents to an illegal dump.

Jln Sg Senam Ipoh Garden

This is a shameful achievement for a city, which was once proclaimed one of the cleanest cities in the country. What has gone wrong? Is the City Council inefficient or the residents uncooperative and not care about cleanliness? But a responsible community newspaper like the Ipoh Echo cares.

Taman Cempaka

In response to our on-going campaign for “dirt vigilantes” to report with photographs of areas found to be filthy, several photographs have been received. These reports and photographs indicate that there are pockets of dirty spots, such as clogged drains and irresponsible dumping, in and around the City. In some cases, even buffaloes and cattle are often seen in the housing estates causing damage to plants.

Sg Senam, Ipoh Garden

The Mayor, Datuk Roshidi Hashim has openly admitted that it is his desire to see the City be once again proclaimed as one of the cleanest. He said that the City Council would go all out to eliminate illegal dumping grounds and send enforcement teams in plainclothes to catch culprits who throw rubbish indiscriminately.
Up to date, the city council has cleared 9,500 of the illegal dumpsites. “We have made sure there is prompt rubbish collection and as a result there has been a significant drop in the number of complaints over uncollected rubbish, and the collection service”, said Roshidi. “We have also ensured better municipal services in housing schemes, especially in areas concerning rubbish collection, grass cutting and cleaning of drains.”
Residents are being advised to put their household refuse in bins and place the bins in front of their houses for collection. The frequency of collection is thrice a week while the collection of garden refuse is twice or thrice a month depending on the locality.

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However, the City Council’s determination and efforts to eliminate the illegal dumping grounds are being frustrated by the lack of co-operation from the residents. The moment an illegal dumping ground is cleared, it will start to collect rubbish and discarded items within a few days.
One wonders what pleasure these irresponsible residents get from creating illegal dumps. Yet, the same residents would be quick to criticise the City Council whenever they felt it had failed to deliver.
Therefore, it will do justice for the City Council to take stern action, including sending plainclothes enforcement officers to catch those irresponsible residents who throw waste indiscriminately.


3 thoughts on “Plainclothes Officers to Catch Culprits of Illegal Dumping

  1. For the good of the majority, sometimes it is good to hit them where it hurts most. i.e. their wallets. In doing so, enforcement must be transparent, justified and robust. Register the impact, seriousness of commitment and I am sure everyone would eventually play their role (toe the line). The importance of cleanliness must also be imbedded in the younger generation so that it would flourish in desire and mature with them. Thanks.

  2. It may be a good idea to enlist the students / children in that area to take photos of the culprits. This is because there will not be enough enforcement officers clocking 24 hours in the same area. The children of course will need to be discreet in case the culprit turns on them.

  3. Most of the Tamans I have visited has a common sight and that is rubbish (household items and trimmings ) dumped at the corners of the Taman inner roads. This is also a familiar sight at Lim Gardens.

    MBI should come up with a heavier fine for people who do not have any consideration for the cleanliness of an area.OR if they are caught do not fine them but put them on community cleaning with a tee shirt on their back with appropriate words shaming them.

    Enforcement officers should be put on night duty to catch the predators.I am sure that the fines collected from these predators would be able to pay the officers salaries.

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