Raja DiHilir Perak visits St John Ambulance`s Exhibition



St. JohnAmbulance Malaysia’s division of Anderson School Ipoh held an exhibition on the importance of First Aid to create an awareness among the students of the school recently.

It was in conjuction with the school’s 100 Years Celebration and launching of Time Capsule by Raja DiHilir Perak Raja Jaafar Ibni Raja Muda Musa. Raja Jaafar also visited the exhibition and witnessed by first aiders on Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation and the Heimlich Manoeuvre.

He left after posing for a group photographs with members and congratulating them on their services. About 200 teachers and students attended the talks on first aid.

The divisions NCO In-Charge, Jegathiswaran, said doing first aid in the right way and safely is not an easy thing.  Such activities by members of the organisation will inspire members of the public to learn about it. He said his team is ready to promote first aid through exhibitions and trainings.