Mas Adopts Best Tamil School in Perak



Malaysian Airlines System (MAS) adopted Klebang Tamil School in Chemor under its Promoting Intelligence Nurturing Talent and Advocating Responsibility (Pintar) Programme recently.

Finance Minister II, Dato’ Seri Hj. Ahmad Husni bin Mohamad Hanadzlah, who was responsible for this deal, gave a motivational talk to parents, teachers and students who gathered for the occasion. He said that from being the best Tamil school in the state, it must strive to become the best school in the country. He added that nothing is impossible if the students study hard.

MAS chairman, Tan Sri Dr. Mohamad Munir Abdul Majid, said that it was the first Tamil school being adopted by MAS under their Pintar programme. Under Pintar, MAS will help motivate students to learn and ensure that they have a conducive learning environment. The initiative would include motivational talks, tuition packages, leadership courses, school uniforms for needy students and computers. In addition, MAS staff would engage the students in other activities such as educational visits to the airline’s operation areas, tourist spots during school holidays and summer camps coordinated by volunteers from Malaysian Airlines’ Sports Clubs.

As a reward for outstanding performance, Dr. Mohamad  Munir said that MAS would offer complimentary tickets for top students and teachers who have contributed to the academic excellence of the students.

Top 50 students were given gift bags consisting of school uniforms and books. Reference books and a computer were presented to the school.

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  1. This is a rare treat by MAS. Why the sudden favour towards a Tamil school? Any views?

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