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With the recent release of the SPM results, Pokok Assam Assemblyman, YB Yee Seu Kai congratulated those who did well in the examination especially the students from Taiping Convent School who scored outstanding results. “However to those who did not do so well, all is not lost – they may want to re-sit the examination or pursue a technical or vocational or Information Technology course”, he said, “Another option is to pursue a Tour Guide Course”.

YB Yee Seu Kai (left) with Roselyn Lim holding up the Chinese Press clipping

The public are invited to an Open Day session and Registration for a Tour Guide Course on March 26, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Taiping Zoo Auditorium Seminar Hall, sponsored by Majlis Perbadanan Taiping (MPT) in collaboration with Perak Tourist Guide Association and Global Institute of Tourism in KL.

The 3½-month course will commence on April 19, at the Taiping Zoo Auditorium Seminar Hall. Course days are: Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Qualification is: 6 SPM passes including Bahasa Malaysia.

The organisers are: Perak Tourist Guide Association and experts from Global Institute of Tourism KL. For details contact: Ms Roselyn Lim at: 012-5009400.

2 thoughts on “Tour Guide Course

  1. If we really need to open Ipoh or other parts of Perak for greater touristic exposure; we need seasoned guides proficient not only in English but other tongues like Thai, Japanese, French and Korean etc.

    I am working my way back into Perak by first buying up paternal home in Mambang Di-Awan and eventually moving up to southern Ipoh in two years’ time.

    What say you !?

  2. Congrats to Perak TGA and Global Inst of Tourism KL for organising a course for tour guides. While the course is recommended to those students “who did not do so well”, please note that tour guiding does not need less intelligence. While we promote tourism as a major bread winner for our country, how can tour guiding be regarded as a job for the lesser among us. In fact, unemployed university graduates should be encouraged to take it up as a viable career. The course should be recommended to all because of work satisfaction. The main concern of the training of tour guides should be intelligent communication, imparting of useful and accurate informatio and providing its hallmark courteous service. Language skill is important, especially English to handle foreign tourists. Anyhow, it is great that we will soon have our own Perak-trained tour guides to provide this essential service to the tourism industry, especially to propel Perak tourism to the fore. Good luck!

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