Billboard Promoting Perak’s Herbal Garden


Perak’s Herbal Garden – one of the state’s 10 tourism icons – is being proudly presented with a big billboard at the junction of Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah Utara (Jalan Tasek) and Jalan Teh Lean Swee in Ipoh.

The poster does not state where the Garden is located or give any contact details. However, the website of Perak Tourism is given in a panel under the poster.

When I enquired how to get there from Ipoh, the receptionist in the Garden informed that I should drive along Gopeng Road and turn right into the road leading to Kellie’s Castle. The Garden is about one kilometre from the main road. There is no signboard of the Garden along the main road. How are tourists going to get there?

The booklet issued by Perak Tourism Action Council on 10 Tourism Icons of Perak states the Garden is open Monday-Friday from 8.30 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. and closed on weekends just like the Tourist Information Centre.

Family outings are normally done during weekends when people are free and if the Garden is closed during weekends and Public Holidays how does Perak Tourism expect people to visit the site.


3 thoughts on “Billboard Promoting Perak’s Herbal Garden

  1. I went to Ipoh last week. I asked five Ipoh taxi drivers about the herb garden but nobody knew this place. How the government promotes tourism? Many Ipoh residents also did not know this place.

  2. agree !
    no signboard – quite difficult to go there without direction especially for outsiders.

    also agree !
    y close on weekends where people r going outings on these days?

    ths place is nice actually !
    but pls think bout ths 2 issues, jab pertanian !


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