Change Your World 2010


By Dinesh K

“Good men make the difference, stamp their blueprints and create history”.  This was the chant of the night at the Change Your World 2010 Concert held at Syuen Hotel on Sunday, March 14. Organised by the interestingly named 1 a.m, a Christian mission dedicated to bringing changes through music, performance arts and stage productions. The evening was nothing short of a spectacle in itself. The crowd rocked to the tunes played by 1a.m’s resident band, Relent. A stunning dance routine by an African youngster was a show stealer. It got everyone on the edge of their seats. The objective of the concert was to reach out to youths and instil in them the desire to change for the better. Preceding the performance was a slide show on William Wilberforce and Zach Hunter, two inspirational figures who led the fight against slavery. Zach is only 15 years old and is a modern-day abolitionist. The Change Your World wave has hit Ipoh and in line with its objective, the organisers challenged the crowd to make a difference by being an agent for change.

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