Perak State Assembly Failed To Reflect a Working State Government

On the 1st day YAB Raja Muda Raja Nazrin

The Third Session of the 12th Perak State Assembly, which was officially opened by the Raja Muda Perak Raja Nazrin Shah on March 30, has again failed to reflect a “working state government.”

This is the general view of NGOs and members of public in the city. They said since May 7, last year, the State Assembly meetings have been in shambles.

Even an important meeting, such as the presentation of the annual budget on October 28, last year, was rushed through without much debate following a walk-out by the opposition Pakatan Rakyat’s assemblymen.

And so over the last three sessions, the State Assembly had sat down for a total of six hours during which time no serious debates took place and the meetings hastily concluded.

Although the opening day of the recent sittings went on without incident, the second day saw the house descending into an uproar almost immediately from the start which culminated with the opposition staging a walk-out.

As a result, the debate on a vote of thanks to the Raja Muda and as well as the question-and-answer session were hurriedly conducted and the meeting ended abruptly.

Under normal circumstances, the state assemblymen would participate in the debates and as well as getting their questions answered.

“The people had elected their representatives to air their views and grouses which can only be addressed effectively at the State Assembly forums”, commented president of Ipoh City Watch, Mr Augustine Anthony. “Since for the last three sessions there had been only a few hours of work done it would be best to dissolve the assembly and have a re-election to enable a workable government.”

President of the Perak Bar Committee En Mad Diah bin Endut remarked that the elected representatives should do their job as expected from them even under difficult situations.

Ipoh City is represented by 13 State Assemblymen each of whom are allowed to submit three oral and five written questions to the house per sitting.

Overall the general expectation of the public who called Ipoh Echo to air their views was to have a working state government and hoped it would happen at the next State Assembly meeting. They felt that both the Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat should stop politicking and concentrate on issues that would benefit the people and the state.