Chess Grand Prix


The 2nd and 3rd legs of the Tan Sri Lee Loy Seng Grand Prix Chess Championship 2010 was held at Taiping on April 11 and Kerian on April 25 respectively.

Participation at both locations was healthy with 192 entrants participating in Taiping and 154 at Kerian. The breakdown of participants for Taiping and Kerian respectively is as follows: 56/32 in the open category, 62/31 boys and 29/12 girls in the under-16 category and 37/56 boys and 8/23 girls in the under-12 category.

The mode of play had the participants playing against each other without being separated into categories.

The top three winners by category are as follows:

Open category (Taiping): 1) Fong Yit San, 2) Liong Ing Kiat, 3) Fadzil Nayan.

Open category (Kerian): 1) Liong Ing Kiat, 2) Fong Yit San, 3) Tan Khai Boon.

Under 16 (Taiping): 1) Tang Kar Khei, 2) Nur Afizan Amir, 3) Ee Kong Yun.

Under 16 (Kerian): 1) Muhd Hafizi Muhamad, 2) Ahmad Adib Abd Malik, 3) Tang Wei Kit.

Under 12 (Taiping): 1) Nurril Syifa’natul Afifie, 2) Tang Wei Kit, 3) Chee Kit Win.

Under 12 (Kerian): 1) Muhd Izzat Irfan Che Mut, 2) Wan Muhd Adam Dani, 3) Amir Hamzah.

The contest at Kerian was very close. With the top 10 players earning 6 points each the standings had to be decided by a tie break system.

The 4th leg of the tournament will be held at SMK Methodist (ACS) Sitiawan on May 16.