The Hand That Rocks the Cradle


“The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world.”

That is Mother. She is the guiding light; the embodiment of care and love. She is an enigma; tender yet strong; fragile yet unbreakable. A home is not home without mother. She is sacred and a very important figure in the family. Her devotion to her family knows no bounds and her unconditional love is mind-boggling.

Where would you be without her? She is the one who brings you into the world, then nurtures, protects, supports and guides you. She is happy when you are happy. She cries when you cry. You learn right from wrong at your mother’s knee.

Mother’s Day which falls on Sunday, May 9, is of great significance. This is the day you honour your mother, the special person in your life. Capture this momentous occasion, put a smile on her face and joy in her heart. On this memorable day, show your gratitude to her. It is a small way to thank her for all the sacrifices, big and small, she has made so that you could be comfortable, sensible and sound as you make your way through the ups and downs of life.

There are a million ways to honour your mother and give her that wonderful feeling that she is indeed special. Let her know through words and deeds that you appreciate all her efforts so that she will cherish Mother’s Day for a long, long time.

She does not ask for the moon; she only wants to know that her struggles are not in vain. Most importantly, tell her you love her, not only on Mother’s Day, but at every opportunity that comes your way.

Your mother is your soul-mate. She is unique and therefore, irreplaceable. But she cannot be around throughout your life. When the time comes for her to bid you farewell you would be ready to carry on her mammoth task and be a great mother yourself. This is legacy you will receive.

A mother’s rapport with her son or daughter is a wondrous gift that Nature has bestowed upon us. No one can forget such a special bond with such a special person.

We are truly blessed that mothers walk the earth.

“Happy Mother’s Day!” to all mothers.

We love you. We salute you.