City Council Called To Solve 20 Year Flood Woes


About 2,000 residents in the city, who have been affected by flash floods for the last 20 years, are appealing to the Ipoh City Council to solve it without further delay. They are from Canning Garden, Hock Lee Park, Ipoh Garden and Ipoh Garden South. Also affected are the Police’s Federal Reserve Unit complex and quarters at Sungai Senam.

Residents of the affected area have formed a residents’ association to bring their plight to Ipoh City Council.

“We are appealing to the city council to solve the flash floods problem without further delay”, said Lee Peng Kuan, vice-chairman of the association.

“Whenever there was a heavy rain, especially at night, the residents in the affected area cannot sleep worrying over the impending floods.”

He added that over the years various appeals had been made to the city council to deal with the problem, but they have been dragging their feet on the issue.

According to Lee, the cause of the flash floods is the culvert located under Jalan Fair Park at the traffic-light junction.

“The culvert is not big enough for the large volume of water coming from as far as Ipoh Garden South to flow through to the Sungai Kinta, resulting in the monsoon drains being overflowed”, said Lee. “The water will rise fast and subside within half an hour.”

With the monsoon rains not far away, the residents can expect more flash floods.

Jerry Francis