Canned Food Products for Charity Homes

Khoo Wooi Ling (centre) with recipients

The Ayam Brand Nationwide Community Care Campaign has entered its third year of supporting children, the disabled, single mothers and old folks through contributions of its wide range of healthy and convenient canned food products.

This year, Ayam Brand will contribute its products to 35 charity homes across nine regions in West and East Malaysia, supporting 1,800 people with nutritious meals for a two-month period. Four homes in Perak have been selected to receive support.

The launch in Perak was held recently at The Salvation Army Boys Home Ipoh. Representatives from Spastic Orphanage Home, the Asrama Bintang Rumah Wanita Cacat Infant Jesus Convent and Rumah Sejahtera were also present to receive products comprising of Ayam Brand sardines, tuna, baked beans, mackerel, processed peas, tomato puree and others – sufficient for nutritious daily meals for the homes over two months.

This yearly campaign is an integral part of Ayam Brand’s Corporate Responsibility Programme that has since its inception in 2008 benefited almost 5,000 people from 75 charity organizations by providing them with healthy and convenient meals.

The objective of the Ayam Brand Community Care Campaign 2010 continues to be providing tangible support in the form of its healthy, convenient food products to the underprivileged in local charity homes – including children, the disabled, single mothers and the elderly – as part of the company’s commitment to serving society.

“We have found that support for this campaign among our own people has grown tremendously. Ayam Brand has a strong community service culture, and this campaign lets our people play an active role in helping these charity organizations and at the same time contribute to the society at each regional charity event”, said Ms Khoo Wooi Ling, a company representative.

“As Malaysia recovers from the global recession, contributions to charitable organizations are growing but are still not at pre-recession levels.  Ayam Brand is glad to be able to continue providing supplies of our products to these homes and their residents”, she added.

“Every year we try to increase the number of recipients in terms of the number of homes and the number of residents.  This year we have added five extra homes and approximately 200 people to the programme.”

Ms Khoo said that the Ayam Brand Community Care campaign had been structured so as to reach charities in all parts of Malaysia instead of being focused in the Klang Valley alone so as to ensure that all communities could benefit.