Dai Pau (Big Dumplings)


How big is big? The size of a Dai Pau can range from 11 cm to a whopping 14.5 cm. Prices vary from RM2.50 to RM5.70. So what’s in it? Basically, marinated chicken pieces cooked with Chinese mushroom, sengkuang (yam bean) and sometimes cilantro for added flavour; a hard-boiled egg; and for some also Chinese sausage and roast or minced pork. This scrumptious filling is then wrapped in white fluffy dough, similar to regular paus except that this is humongous. Generally, not something that one would order with dim sum, but a meal in itself.

MING COURT 32-36 Jln Leong Sin Nam (New Town) Dough is fluffy and filling is tasty with tender pieces of chicken, mushroom, etc. – a bit smaller than others (~12cm) but okay for the price



RESTORAN FOH SAN (05-2540308) 51 Jln Leong Sin Nam (New Town) Filling is very tasty, moist but not soggy & holds together quite nicely – may have a bit more MSG – dough is soft & fluffy but has a hint of ammonia

(+ tax)


RESTORAN YOKE FOOK MOON (05-2416589) 67-69 Jln Leong Sin Nam (New Town) Dough is soft and fluffy – filling tasty and has a bit more gravy



KEDAI MAKANAN MEE SUN 2 Tingkat Taman Ipoh 6, Ipoh Gdn South Filling is minced and tasty – value for money (~14.5cm) – has a smaller size priced at RM2.50 but with less ingredients



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1 thought on “Dai Pau (Big Dumplings)

  1. I only came across Dai Pau fairly recently – when researching an article on bread. Though I believe that Dai Pau are the original Pau, if I am not mistaken.

    I first tasted one here in Perak – in fact just down the road from where I live. There is a Malay lady selling halal Big Pau – she only opens in the evening, and for the very first time, two weeks ago I was introduced to that flavoursome, stomach filling meal-in-it-self. Yes, I have been back for more.

    I should like to know if there is any other halal reasonable Authentic Chinese food out there – in Perak.

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