A Cultural Night with Ipoh’s Own Wind Orchestra


Eugene Pook, in appropriate garb, conducting 'In The Mood'

There was something for everyone at the inaugural concert of the Kinta Valley Wind Orchestra on July 4. Opening to a sold-out audience, with 6 months in the making, the 50 odd musicians, led by artistic director and conductor Eugene Pook, certainly did “get their act together”, as so aptly put by the organising chairperson, Tan Ling-Li. This was made possible by the vision and generosity of Dato’ K.K. Lim and other sponsors.

From symphonic to classical renditions, big-band pieces to hit movie themes, pop tunes to old-time favourites in Chinese, Malay and English, the audience was truly entertained. Three soloists: Joost Flach (oboist), Foo Cheong Lin (saxophonist), Philip Boey (GuZheng), and two vocalists: Estee Pook and Alan Low, and several guest musicians, gave the concert that added touch. The members of the orchestra comprised students from different schools and people from different walks of life coming together for the first time, showing that beautiful music can be produced under the right direction.

The concert ended with calls for an encore, and the orchestra playing two more songs, Stars and Stripes Forever, because it being the USA Independence Day, and Barry Manilow’s Copacabana, to the delight of the audience.

The concert was a great success to say the least, and for those of us that were there, we look forward to more; for those who missed it, they can certainly look out for the next one!