A Lingering Nightmare

Students drying their school books

Students and teachers of Sekolah Kebangsaan Tambun have faced a lingering nightmare for the last 15 years without any respite in sight. Their school is susceptible to flooding due to overflowing waters from Sungai Pinji nearby. And despite mitigation works, the problem remains unresolved. The school was inundated once more on Wednesday, June 30. This was the worse flooding ever, as the school compound was a sea of water, one metre deep.

“It’s terrible”, said Senior Assistant, Puan Dawiah Mat Isa, to Ipoh Echo when met. “The water destroys books and electrical appliances. Cleaning this mess is so time consuming and also back-breaking”, she added. With the UPSR trial examination just around the corner, she is bracing for more problems ahead but is taking things in her stride.

Students and staff joined in the cleaning-up operations. “It’s become a routine”, said a dejected Puan Ainun Nur Abdul Rahman, the Coordinator for Special Education. “Hopefully, something can be done to overcome this nightmare for good”, she implored.