Book Review: Great Grandma’s Hairloss Remedy


New Children’s Novel by Ipoh-Born Author
Promotes Understanding of Children-related Medical Conditions

Ipoh-born author and former SK Raja Perempuan school student, Rebecca Loke, together with Ipoh-based Media Masters Publishing launched a children’s novel “Great Grandma’s Hairloss Remedy” recently.  She talks to Ipoh Echo about the inspiration behind her new book.

Tell Us about Your Book

Great Grandma’s Hairloss Remedy is the first in a series on Children’s Concerns published by Media Masters Publishing, which tells the story about 8-year-old James, who has a condition called alopecia universalis, or total hair loss. It is targeted for readers between the ages of seven to twelve, and offers a heart-warming tale about how James learns to cope with his hair loss condition. There is also a question and answer section about alopecia at the end of the book, explaining the cause of hair loss, who gets it, and how it affects one’s health.

What Inspired You To Write Your Latest Book?

The inspiration for this story comes from my 10-year-old son Ethan, who developed alopecia universalis when he was four years old, resulting in his losing all his hair on his head and body. Since having this hair loss condition, Ethan has received many comments and questions regarding his baldness as many people have never heard of alopecia universalis. Ethan had to learn how to cope with negative responses like name-calling, and with a lot of support from family and friends, he learned to develop a positive outlook on his condition.

What Do You Hope To Achieve With This Book?

I hope to help young minds gain an early understanding and appreciation of difficulties and differences existing in societies everywhere. Understanding hairloss in children is just one example. There are so many other concerns affecting children so we hope to educate young minds with a series of books focusing on children’s concerns.

Great Grandma’s Hairloss Remedy by Rebecca Loke is available at all major bookstores and Meru Valley Resort in Ipoh. For more information, contact: or call 05-2495938.