Ipoh Echo – Making a Difference


The story of the Mother Teresa Reading Shelter was published in Issue 90. Calls from readers wanting to know more about the Shelter and its activities prompted the Shelter to launch My School Programme, specially tailored for children deprived of formal education due to lack of personal documents. Currently seven children attend the programme and are taught Bahasa Malaysia, English and Maths and during break are served snacks and drinks. The students are also exposed to creative arts and crafts and enjoy recreational activities.

Since the last article was published, Ipoh Echo readers have visited the Shelter and have encouraged other children’s homes to use the facilities. As a result, more students visit the Shelter on Saturdays to make use of the reading facilities. More activities will be planned after their first anniversary celebration in August.

The Shelter is open six days a week and needs: volunteers for teaching of 3R, conducting personal development sessions, as well as books and stationary items and snacks for the children. Contact Lucy: 017-5699262.