Facelift given to Medan Kidd Bus Station


I frequently drive past Medan Kidd Bus Station but never bothered to have a second look at it. Recently I went there to meet a visitor. The Bus Station has been painted in a bright attractive yellow and looks most appealing now. The ticketing counters of the various bus companies have also been painted. 

The compound has also been cleaned up and looks comparatively neat and tidy. However, in one corner of the compound, rubbish has been thrown on the ground. This can be avoided by placing a dustbin where the rubbish can be collected and disposed of properly.

The public must also play their role; the newly painted columns have already been defaced. Malaysians must be trained to be civic minded and maintain public property.

The authorities must maintain the cleanliness and provide more dustbins in the waiting areas. Preventing private cars from entering the compound would improve the image of the bus station.

A. Jeyaraj

9 thoughts on “Facelift given to Medan Kidd Bus Station

  1. The bus station is a private building on private land. The state government has no say about the condition of the bus station. If the bus station owner/management doesn’t want to do anything, the state government is powerless to force them.

    Since the bus station is a private building, government funds can’t be used to refurbish it, not even providing rubbish bins and definitely not demolishing and rebuilding it. The bus station owner/management should be the one providing rubbish bins and ensuring the station is regularly swept clean of rubbish.

  2. You people from outstation issit? Forgot the recent fire there ar? When a 2-3 buses got torched?

    Painting courtesy of insurance company lar.

    MBI / Omnibus fork out their own money to do it??

    Keep on dreaming!!!

  3. it’s not even get some renovation.. i thinks it should be demolished.. and get new one.. the bus also same.. we not need new facelift for medan kid.. but new facelift for public transport in Ipoh.. shame to other city right?

  4. A coat of paint is superficial, merely cosmetic. It is time to upgrade and make things work. Have you been there in the evening to meet a friend coming in from, say, Taiping? It could be a horrifying experience.

    The folded plate roof of Medan Kidd Bus Terminal would have been a sister building of the now demolished Pasar Bulat, the Yau Tet Shin Market. Both are modern buildings which reflected the wealth of Ipoh, the capital of Perak, and a sense of town planning which seems to have vanished in the past decades.

    Better bus services may take forever. The city has not bothered with public transport but catered purely to the cars and other vehicles. The city seems to have forgotten that it cannot run without those who commute and go about their lives by bus. Those who have not used the city buses, try it. I hope you live to tell how awful it is.

    Then the Ipoh taxis, well, that’s another sorry tale.

  5. now that the station has been upgraded, isn’t it time to upgrade the buses.Most of them were old n stop wherever they like.Do u notice the buses stop right at the traffic light junction near JPJ n letting passenger disembark.

  6. s.sundralingam,
    we cant change everyone rite?! but we can start by changing ourselves 1st. be a role model to d public.
    we can just do a simple thg like throw d rubbish into d dusbin, then everybody around us can see it & do d same thg. ths indirectly will educate d public.

  7. U are right Zam, but our public is still living in the 4th world country. What do u expect?

  8. d authority have done their job. so now, public have to play their role. dont be a ‘pengotor’ & ‘tak de sivik’.

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