No Action Taken On Flaking Plaster at Town Hall


In Issue 85, November 2009 of Ipoh Echo, we highlighted the flaking plaster at the Town Hall. Since then, more of the plaster has flaked off. The paint is also peeling in a number of other locations in the building. The Town Hall was renovated about two years ago. The paint used on external walls of buildings is normally weather proof and should last for at least five years or more. Why is the paint flaking so fast?

At the base of the wall a section of the panel has been removed exposing the burnt brick wall which is not plastered. What is this for?

The Town Hall and the park in front of it are popular tourist sites. On Sundays, tourists, especially foreigners and those from other states, arrive by buses and visit the park and Town Hall. Tourists walk around and take photographs of the Town Hall. This is a heritage building and must be well maintained.

Without any further delay, MBI must repair the defects. It should not be an eyesore to tourists. The contractor as well as the MBI supervisor must be investigated for the shoddy paint job done.

We must not let down the image of Ipoh.

A. Jeyaraj

1 thought on “No Action Taken On Flaking Plaster at Town Hall

  1. Poor old building, past it’s former glory lah. BUT I say better leave it there for it’s aesthetic beauty than to replace it with a horrific local designed piece of monstrosity our famed architects are so so famous for.

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