Car-Stealing Syndicate Going Global


The high incidence of car theft is one major factor that contributes to the escalating crime index in the country. Cars stolen in Malaysia are not only sold in neighbouring countries but outside of the ASEAN region.

“It’s has gone global,” said Tan Sri Ismail Omar, the Deputy Inspector General of Police, to media representatives at the Perak Police Contingent Headquarters in Ipoh on July 29. Ismail was presiding a meeting of criminal investigation department chiefs of all states held from July 28 to 30.

“With the assistance of our foreign counterparts we’ve identified 80 stolen cars from Malaysia. Of this number, 46 are being sold within Asia while the remaining 36, outside of Asia.”

The car-stealing syndicate is well connected and its tentacles are spread all over the world. Cars stolen from the country are being spirited out through the many exit points, north and south of the Malaysian borders.

Ismail refuted claims that government officers were involved in the racket. “We don’t conduct our investigations based on rumours and hearsay”, he added. “The Police will not hesitate to take actions on those who flout the laws.”

The Deputy IGP’s statements came in the wake of the recent announcement by the General Insurance Association of Malaysia that it had to pay RM400 million in the form of claims relating to car theft last year. “We are closing in on the syndicate and will act once we’re ready”, he remarked.

On the issue of Sikh militants hiding in the country, he had this to say, “The Police is keeping a close watch on the situation and have sought the cooperation of the Indian Police.”

The national crime rate figure for the first half of 2010, according to Ismail, had decreased by 14 percentage points.