Ipoh’s New Councillors


There are four new faces among the 22 city councillors, who were sworn in at the MBI’s Conference Hall on July 28. They were Mr. Choo Kean Seng, Mr. Chang Tat Guan and Mr. Loo Gar Yen from MCA and Encik Mat Zabidi bin Idris from UMNO.

The rest, whose appointment expired last June, were reappointed. Their term of office will be until Dec. 31, 2011.

State chairman of local government, Dato’ Dr. Mah Hang Soon, explained that “the normal term of office is for one year beginning in January, but it was decided in this case to extend to the end of December, next year.

“This decision will apply to all the 351 councillors throughout the state,” he said after witnessing the swearing-in ceremony of the councilors.

His advice to the newly appointed councillors was to play their roles as representatives of the government.


2 thoughts on “Ipoh’s New Councillors

  1. The Ipoh City Council prints a brochure which lists all the City Councilors, the respective zones that they are in charge of, their contact details and the MBI staff assisting them. The last version was printed 3 months ago and will not contain the information on the 4 new Councilors. Contact the MBI Public Relations Department.

  2. It would be appreciated if Ipoh Echo would be able to print the Ipoh Councilors name and their zone they are in charge of, if space permits.

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