PC Fair 2010


The much anticipated computer fair slated for the month of August at Stadium Indera Mulia has much to offer for both computer buffs and casual visitors. Those wishing to dispose of their old computers can do so with convenience. They can exchange them for cash vouchers which can then be used to purchase ICT products on sale. “This is a good way to keep the environment safe and clean,” said Sugumaran, the President of Kelab Anak Malaysia, at the launch of a recycling campaign at the conference room of the State Economic Planning Unit, State Secretariat building recently. The fair, organised by PIKOM (National ICT Association of Malaysia), will last for three days, beginning on August 6 till 8. Opening hours are between 10 am to 10 pm daily.

Besides computers and gadgets, visitors get to participate in lucky draws held daily with high-end laptops as prizes. A colouring contest for kids will be the highlight of the 3-day fair to be held on the final day. For details on the contest please call: Puah Chun Sen at 012-5055173.


5 thoughts on “PC Fair 2010

  1. PIKOM PC Fair is a huge event with support from manufacturers and distributors. Many people wait the entire year for the PIKOM PC Fair to find bargains of items that they want.

    The PC Show is a local attempt to attract buyers before the PC Fair. It is unlikely to be able to provide offers found at the PC Fair. With both events held close to each other, it might be intentional to confuse buyers.

  2. Why don’t they organized together? Thanks Lolento for highlighting this, so confused and thought they have the date printed wrongly that clashes with the fair in klcc.

  3. The hard copy version (IE 102) indicates that the pc show is “co-sponsored by Kelab Anak Malaysia and MBI”. The writer must have confused the Ipoh show with the on-going PIKOM-organised fair in the country. A minor slip, I must say.

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