Twenty-four CCTVs for Ipoh

CCTV camera mounted on a pole

Twenty-four CCTVs have been installed in “hot spots” around the city under a nationwide safe city programme.

This was stated by Housing and Local Government’s Minister Dato’ Chor Chee Heung after a briefing on the installation recently.

Currently 40 units have been installed in Perak, 24 for Ipoh and 16 for Manjung.
Dato’ Chor together with Perak State chairman for Local Government Dato’ Dr. Mah Hang Soon and Mayor Dato’ Roshidi also viewed the Ipoh City Council’s CCTV control room located at Jalan Tun Sambantan. A similar CCTV control room is located at the state police headquarters.
A demo of the remote control capability of the CCTV from the control room was shown by a CCTV camera located opposite Ipoh Parade along Jalan Sultan Abdul Jalil.

Ipoh City Council Control Room

The camera was able to zoom to the front entrance of Ipoh Parade and then pan towards the loading bay at the side of Ipoh Parade before zooming in again. The images projected were clear.

Some of the locations where these cameras are located in the city are: the Polo Ground, Waller Court, Kinta Heights, Lorong Istana (behind the state secretariat building), Jalan Sunway towards Tambun and Jalan Taman Jati-Carsem Jelapang.

Dato’ Roshidi stated that these “CCTV picture feeds could be produced as evidence in a court of law”.


2 thoughts on “Twenty-four CCTVs for Ipoh

  1. Well done, city hall. NOW let’s hope these monitors will be manned (or womaned) by “thinking” people.

    The usual addage must not deter these efforts: “First world technology but third world mentality”.

    Train your personnel, manage them well and reward them where necessary. They will perform !

  2. Will the CCTV be used as a tool to produce evidence after a crime have been committed or will there be someone who will be monitoring it 24/7 to prevent such crime?

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