Toilet in the Centre of Little India


Traders in Little India are unhappy with the construction of a public toilet in the centre of the business area. The toilet is being built on the location of a memorial fountain. Siew Few Yuen, Proprietor of Ipoh Goldsmith Sdn Bhd said that MBI did not consult them on this. Another trader Amir Bacha of Malliga Fancy Store who had already made complaints in the Tamil press, wondered how MBI could do this?

It is customary for Indians and Chinese to offer prayers after opening the shop in the morning. Does MBI want them to offer prayers facing the toilet? And then for the rest of the day the traders have to face the toilet.

The traders are adamant that instead of giving explanations, excuses and justification, MBI must immediately demolish the toilet. The Prime Minister always says that his is a people friendly government and yet it appears that MBI does not adopt this policy. Unilateral decisions have been made without consultation of the people affected.

The traders are also partly to be blamed. Instead of each individual making a statement, they should get together and submit their proposal to MBI.

Knowing the poor track record of maintenance in Malaysia, the toilet will not be properly maintained and there will be a stench in the area. During Deepavali, Thaipusam and other Indian festivals when a large number of people will be using the toilet, the whole area will stink of urine.

The work on the project seems to have come to a standstill. When I visited the site during mid morning on a week day, no one was working. The whole area is fenced and people cannot see what is going on inside. MBI must inform the people there when the project will be completed including the final cost.

In future when MBI carries out this type of community projects it must hold public hearings to get input from the people.

A. Jeyaraj

5 thoughts on “Toilet in the Centre of Little India

  1. Indeed, whatever happened to the fountain ? I know that is became defunct some 40 years ago. Could it not be revived instead of building a toilet in the midst of this little confluence of roads in little India.

    Perhaps , a shaded “piazza” could have been thought of with a toilet well placed in a hidden corner.

    I’ll provide the concept designs for free ! No need to talk talk about $$$$, but of course no talk of $$$ then , nothing in the backhander. Digressing oops !

    Looks like creativity is far from the technical departments hibernating within the confines of it’s humoungous ivory tower which does little for the revitalising town !

  2. These last few years we have been tumultuous ones for Perak in many respects. In many spheres of national life, the country appears to be slipping. This is manifested in the weakening of democratic foundations and the rise of authoritarianism in government, corruption and financial scandals, lack of accountability and an absence of integrity among some people at the helm, violation of rights, and the list goes on and on. In the midst of all this, I think the planners of MBI have the right to construct the public toilet in the centre of Little India, its not in the middle of the road!

  3. It is ridiculous to have the toilet in the centre of the town / business area. It is a shame to to Planners of MBI. How can they be so silly ? Earlier there was a fountain which enhanced the area and now a toilet. MBI Planners please use your brains and be sensitive to the people of Ipoh. You are responsible to the people. Your decision to have the building at the current area, reflects the dull brain you have, Plese buck up.

  4. Bad feng shui!

    1. So what happened to the memorial fountain? Why was it demolished? Looks like another bit of Ipoh’s history is flushed away.

    2. This issue smacks of typical bureaucracy – no consultation, poor planning, great for pushing through what the authorities want.

    A government that prides itself on being in tune with the people? I hardly think so.

    Transparency for this project i.e. was it put for tender, who was awarded contract, when, why, completion date and cost? No way. The whole process stinks to high heaven and is as transparent as the murky waters in the soil pipe.

  5. The toilet could have better served its purpose if it was built underground with 2 separate entrances for (males & females) as well as two separate entrances (staircase) leading to it. It should also be locked after 9 p.m. to avoid illegal activities.

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