Kinta Swimming Club Opens Pool


The Kinta Swimming Club (KSC), which was under construction for quite some time, has finally opened its Olympic-size swimming pool to members. KSC is located along Silibin Road beside the bridge.

At the soft launching recently, its president Mr. Hong Weng Kuen said that the renovation of the club would cost RM5 million.

Besides the swimming pool, there will be a gymnasium, sauna rooms, games room, library, aerobics studio, multi-purpose hall and coffee house.

“KSC is not an Elite Club, but only a swimming club with an Olympic-size fresh water pool plus other facilities for the ‘Family-In-The-Street’,” Hong declared.

The club, he said, will be conducting swimming classes and plans to train athletes to compete in the Sukma games.”

His aim is to bring back the glorious years of 1950s when the club produced hundreds of swimmers and life guards.

The club is recruiting Transferable Subscribing Members with the motto ‘A Place Where Family Play Together and Stay Together’. The membership fee is RM5,000 and monthly subscription is RM45. Currently there are about 100 Life Members and 300 Ordinary Members.

A. Jeyaraj

7 thoughts on “Kinta Swimming Club Opens Pool

  1. How much is 5k worth today? slightly more than a big screen TV.

    How much is 45 bucks worth a month? no enough to pay for Astro.

    So if you can’t afford a big screen TV, and be a Astro subscriber, there is always the DBI pools you can spend a day with your kids.

    No right and wrong answer.. I would rather pay a little more for the family to have a decent place to spend the weekends.

  2. I understand KSC is currently promoting a Season Pass (annual plan) and the joining fees is only RM240 with monthly subscription. This Pass entitle you to have full usage to the club’s facilities including 1 guest to use the pool FOC too.

    I guess the Season Pass is to cater for the younger ppl who may not be able to purchase the full membership yet.

    You can check it out on:

  3. You call this elite! Common lah..,see the environment, ACS school is better even though is not an olympic size pool.

  4. the fee is relative to other clubs in the region. RM5K is already pretty good considering there are clubs where you can only be a member by invitation. if that’s not elite i don’t know what is.

  5. wow… for not an Elite Club, 5k for a membership is far too expensive. perhaps this club is only open for rich family. hope there’ll re-consider the membership fees.

  6. The fee is still steep for the “family in the street” that Hong described. I suggest the club opens its doors for daily use like the MBI pools near the stadiums. Maintaining an Olympic-size pool is not something cheap.

  7. “KSC is not an Elite Club, but only a swimming club with an Olympic-size fresh water pool plus other facilities for the ‘Family-In-The-Street’,” Hong declared.

    I guess the “family in the street” have gotten richer these days if they’ve got 5k to spend and monthly outlay.

    It’s been too long coming !!!!

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