Wesley Methodist School Ipoh- The Parents’ Choice


Many people in Ipoh have mistaken Wesley Methodist School Ipoh (WMSI) for the former Methodist High School (MHS). Wesley Methodist School Ipoh is a re-branded school under the management of the Council of Education of the Methodist Church of Malaysia. It is modelled after Wesley Methodist School Kuala Lumpur, a much sought after school with a 27-year history.

Mr. Koon Yew Yin (left) and Dato’ Chin Lean Keat

Dato’ Chin Lean Keat, Chairman of WMSI Board of Management said, “The birth of Wesley Methodist School Ipoh (WMSI) in January 2009 and subsequently the primary school in January this year was borne out of a conviction that it can provide quality education, being focused on its mission of ‘Academic Excellence, Transforming Lives’. WMSI seeks to bring back the time-tested practices of discipline and character development based on Christian values and principles.”

At a recent hand-over ceremony of a donation of RM350,000 from philanthropist Mr. Koon Yew Yin for the renovation of the last of 4 blocks in the school, the Kesselring Block, Mr. Koon said, “Schools impact lives, and education is the best way to look after our future generations.”

Mdm Goh Kai Lian, Principal of the school, added, “WMSI affirms the value of a child and his potential to excel. We believe that every child can learn. So, at WMSI, he is taught to be responsible and accountable for his own learning. He is expected to finish his homework/project within the stipulated time, failing which he will be detained after school to complete it. The school works closely with the parents to keep them posted about the children’s progress. There is no Parent Teachers Association in the school. Instead, there is an open-door policy where a parent has easy access to the Principal.”

The school also cares for the emotional and social development of the child. Difficult students are referred to counsellors who are volunteers; they come in regularly to lend a listening ear to the students and guide the students through the turbulent times of adolescence. Parents are alerted with regards to any misbehaviour and together with the counsellors, work on remedial options. At the same time, praises and affirmation of the student are often practised in the school to reinforce good and acceptable behaviour.

Set teaching for BM, English and Maths classes is another feature of WMSI. Students are taught according to their own level of capability and in smaller classes. This makes it easier for teaching and learning to take place. More personal attention can be given by the teacher to the students and the teacher gets to know every student by name and therefore is able to manage the class more effectively.

Compulsory involvement in two key youth movements in WMSI namely: Boys Brigade and Girls Brigade, is also a tool to shape their students into disciplined young people who are taught to follow instructions and learn teamwork. It is no wonder that waiting lists for enrolment are beginning to form for this independent school.

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