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“Outrage Over Culling of Dogs”


We refer to the news item ‘NEWSFOCUS – Banting Murders’ in the New Straits Times of September 21.

We, a group of animal lovers of the horse-racing fraternity of the Perak Turf Club in Ipoh, were extremely shocked and aggrieved to read about the senseless murder of the 9 dogs, which were – it pains us to note – healthy animals callously put down by the Kuala Langat District Council, and justified by its President Abdul Razak Jaafar on the grounds that “it was done according to procedure”.

We commend the various organisations for their prompt and rightful response to the outrage, and thank the Malaysian Animal Welfare Association President, Mr. Shenaaz Khan for his insightful comments on the same matter. His response, “If killing cattle and poultry is a crime when one is hungry, then we should be shot too”, is instructive and strikes a chord with all of us. We fully support his view that ‘a law for one is a law for all’. This putting down of innocent lives, be it human or animal, is so very inhumane and must be roundly condemned. It is so unbelievably obnoxious and disgraceful, and contradicts all the good values that human beings represent, as superior creations of God. Only animals ferociously kill, but that too only, we emphasize, only to appease their hunger. We certainly reject the Council’s hapless post-incident response, in trying to defend this indefensible, in countering that it had also lodged a police report, alleging that the dogs had killed other livestock on the farm.

As animal lovers, we are aware that the poor dogs were hungry and neglected – there was no one to feed them, and no one thought of feeding them when the men at the farm were captured – and thus behaved and reacted aggressively when approached. Have the authorities exhausted all avenues before the decision to destroy was made? We think not. Why was the SPCA, the Department of Veterinary Services, PAWS or a host of other animal welfare organisations not contacted? These questions beg for answers! Normal wisdom would have guided the Local Council to enlist the help of SPCA or other voluntary service organisations, and sensible and humane action would have been taken to care for the animals until they mellowed with time and love, and then put up for adoption. The dogs were pure breeds, and we have no doubt that there could be no shortage of takers willing to adopt them as guard dogs or pets.

We hope this tragic and unfortunate episode serves as a reminder to all well-meaning Malaysians, and make us adopt more humane and compassionate measures when dealing with animals in future. “The greatness of a Nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

Respect for life, be it human or animals, is the calling of ALL religions. Why should there be this hostility towards dogs in this c0untry? A re-evaluation of values is what is needed here.

This letter carries 41 signatures

Malaysia Day Celebration


The first Malaysia Day Celebration was held at Dataran MBI in Ipoh on September 16. The Sultan of Perak, Sultan Azlan Shah, Menteri Besar Dato’ Seri Dr. Zambry Abdul Kadir and several state dignitaries were present.

Zambry in his speech stated that the meaning of Malaysia Day needed to be disseminated and remembered, for unlike Merdeka Day, Malaysia Day was when the different ethnic communities throughout the peninsula and Sabah and Sarawak became one and created what now constitutes as Malaysia.

The evening events included a pantomime depicting the formation of Malaysia with references to the Confrontation with Indonesia and objections by its other neighbours.

This was followed by the ever colourful cultural dance presentations donned in the multitude of ethnic costumes performed by the state and city councils dance troupes.


Orphans Treated and Dined at Mid Autumn Celebration


Saturday 19 September 2010

The Mid-Autumn Festival was celebrated in a grand style for the children of five orphanages around the city recently.

Over 200 children, accompanied by residents of Bandar Baru Bercham, participated in a lantern walk. They were earlier treated to a dinner and given lanterns.

The celebration was organised by State Assemblyman for Bercham, Mr. Sum Cheok Leng, to bring some cheer to the underprivileged.


Royal Couple’s Train Ride


Royal Passenger – HRH Sultan Azlan being greeted by KTM’s Zainal Rashid Zakaria

His Highness Sultan Azlan Shah and Her Royal Highness Tuanku Bainun took a ride on the Kuala Lumpur-Ipoh electric train on Sunday (September 19).

The royal couple boarded the train at the Kuala Lumpur railway station at 2.03 p.m. and arrived in Ipoh at 4.20 p.m.

They were accompanied by KTM’s Electric Train Sdn Bhd (ETS) COO Azizullah Kinayatullah and ETS Customers’ Services Manager Puan Rozimah Mahyuddin.

Royal guests. Front row: HRH Sultan Azlan accompanied by ETS COO Azizullah Kinayatullah. Back row: HRH Tuanku Bainun being accompanied by KTM Training Sen Mgr Muslimah Shamsudin

According to a ETS’s spokesman the royal couple decision to use the train was impromptu and was probably prompted by their second son Raja Ashman Shah, who had tried the service before Hari Raya.

Meantime, Azizullah stated that another return Kuala Lumpur-Ipoh trip had been added, bringing the total to six return trips daily, as from September 8. The number of return trips will be increased to eight next month.

The fare of RM30 one way will be maintained till Chinese New Year and would be reviewed thereafter.