Does Anyone Know this Family?


“I am researching my family history and trying to find out as much as possible – good and bad – about my mother’s family. She was born Joan Marjorie Joseph(e) in 1930, in Ipoh, one of 13 children to a family of, I believe, tin miners. Amongst her siblings were Clarence, Clive, Kenny, and Patricia. In 1957, she married James Gardner, a rubber planter who had managed plantations in Ipoh and later at Rasa.

Gardner-Joseph wedding

“The Gardner-Joseph wedding photo is, of course, my parents’ wedding. You’ll see that my Aunty Pat (next to the bride) has been scratched out – my mother’s doing, I’m afraid! I would be particularly interested in identifying the other people shown and where it took place.”

Vivien & Joan Joseph

These additional photographs feature Vivian and Joan Joseph and the wedding of brother Kenny to a lady named Helen.

Wedding of Kenny & Helen Joseph

Aunty Girlie

Finally we have a single photo of “Auntie Girlie” as an officer in the Malaysian prison service, in Ipoh in 1967. Her badge of rank is one pip on her shoulder and she is wearing a medal with a crown in the centre. Recognise her? If so please let us know.

Judy Wild

In the collection of photographs sent by Judy, in addition to the above, there are 5 more taken after her parents had been transferred to Rasa. They include the names George Joseph and Angela, Egbert and an Auntie Sim. There is also a copy of the Government Gazette of June 9th 1949 which records the award of the Malayan Volunteer Reserve Efficiency Medal to Sapper James Rowland Gardner J. V. E. If anyone believes they know anything about this family we shall be happy to provide the additional photographs to help with identification. We look forward to your help.

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  1. We have passed your message and email to Judy Wild who asked the question. Thank you for responding. I hope this connection works to the family’s benefit.

  2. I’m Barbara Ann Joseph, daughter of Angela Beatrice Beins and George LLewellyn Joseph [ie George Joseph and Angela]

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