Upgrade Gunong Lang says MB


Menteri Besar Perak, Dato’ Seri Dr. Zambry Abdul Kadir, wants Ipoh City Council to upgrade Gunong Lang into a recreational cum tourist spot for both local and foreign visitors. “I’ve asked MBI to find ways to improve the park so it will become a viable tourist attraction,” he told reporters after opening Ipoh City Council Hari Raya get-together at the Gunong Lang Park on September 25. In the past, such events were held at the council swimming pool across Perak Stadium. This year’s gathering witnessed a different theme altogether. Instead of the usual food and cookies spread on tables, this time around it was done ala hawker stalls operated by departmental staff. Zambry took time to interact with the stall minders and tasted the food prepared by the staff. While the invitees ate, the adventurous ones took to the water on boats and mini ferries.


3 thoughts on “Upgrade Gunong Lang says MB

  1. From day one, DBI did not know how to position Gunung Lang properly to attract locals and tourists to visit. DBI simply does not have the expertize nor the knowledge to develop and manage a recreational area. Taman DR Seenivasagam and Taman Polo share similar fate. This is not really the fault of DBI but government leaders who failed to realize that the government is poor at running anything business-like.

  2. Despite its great location and lovely environment of limestone hills and cave, there is no marketing for this facility. What makes this place good for spending some time there? What is its selling point?

    The problem began with the implementation of the development concept. How to make good a bad execution based on poor ideas? The concept of the artificial flower garden has robbed the people of a more natural tranquil environment that it had.

    Go and see it for yourself then you will know why it fails to attract people.

  3. There have been so many MBs talking about upgrading the Gunung Lang but little have been achieved. The idea is good but if there is no political will by the state, Perak will remain a backward state in terms of tourism. Reports, dialogs, seminars, conferences, field trips, overseas study trips and what have you but still Perak have not shown any greatness when it comes to tourism.
    The state have no inclination on tourism as far as i can see it. If Sarawak, Sabah,Melaka and Penang can increased its tourism money, Perak can do the same IF, there is a political will to make tourism industry a substantial contributor to the state kitty.Stop the talking, do it and do it properly.

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