Kinta Swimming Club Officially Opened


Kinta Swimming Club at Jalan Silibin, which boasted the country’s first Olympic freshwater swimming pool, was recently reopened after being closed for 18 years. It has been refurbished at a total cost of RM5 million.

It's official (l-r) Dato' Seri Ong, VP Hong Soon Kheong, President Hong Weng Kuen, Dato' Michelle and Dato' Yeoh Kian Teik

The MP for Tanjung Malim, Dato’ Seri Ong Ka Chuan, officiated at the opening ceremony. Also present were Ipoh’s favourite daughter and Bond girl Dato’ Michelle Yeoh and her father Dato’ Yeoh Kian Teik, a past President of the Club.

The current President of the club is Mr Hong Weng Kuen and the Vice President is Mr Hong Soon Kheong.

Dato’ Yeoh in his speech related how the club’s founder, the late Mr Foo Wha Cheong had approached his grandfather, the late Yeoh Khuan Joo, in the early 30s with the desire to set up a swimming club for non-Europeans. At that time there was only one swimming club available but was exclusive to Europeans.

The Kinta Swimming Club with a wooden clubhouse was officially launched in 1936 by the Sultan of Perak Sultan Iskandar Shah. In the mid fifties the club was renovated whereby the pool was tiled and a filtration plant built as well as a new clubhouse. It was officially opened by Ipoh Council Chairman Mr G.S. Walker in 1957.

Dato' Michell is made a Patron of the Club

Since its inception the Kinta Swimming Club, being a public pool with continuous supply of fresh water piped in from Kledang Hill by a tin mine belonging to Leong Sin Nam located in the vicinity, proved very popular. Various schools sent their students to learn how to swim and also used it for life-saving training.

The club also produced two outstanding swimmers, Cheah Tong Kim, who represented Malaysia in the Tokyo Olympics in 1964 and Ong Mei Lin who represented the country in the 1972 Munich Olympics.

Cheah Tong Kim, an ACS schoolboy, recalls some good memories of the club which he referred to as a second home. “Its entrance fee was 50 sen and we would stay there the whole day swimming or playing water polo at the deep end,” he said. In the sixties Cheah had the reputation of being the fastest breaststroke swimmer in the country. He was also a finalist in the 100m breaststroke at the 1966 commonwealth games in Kingston.

In 1992 the lease for the premises expired and the club was closed.

According to President, Hong, “KSC is not an Elite Club. We cater for the ‘Family-in-the-Street’,” he said.

The club is currently recruiting Transferable Subscribing Members. For enquiries the club can be contacted at: 05-5278417 or 05-5260226.


21 thoughts on “Kinta Swimming Club Officially Opened

  1. Dear admin,
    I have posted twice but somehow it was denied. I am letting go my membership, if for whatever reason you cannot publish my post, would you please ask Dr.RK to contact me if he is interested in a membership?

    My email is


  2. Hi everyone,
    Kinta Swimming Club family membership for sale at attractive rates.

    Pls PM if interested.

  3. Hi Dr RK, a family membership costs RM5,000, monthly fee RM45.

    I am putting it up for sale at RM2,000, pls PM if interested.

    Reason of sale: location, switching to another club nearer to where I stay.


  4. Hi,
    i would love to become a member of KSC. how much is it to become a member and what are the privileges? thank you!

  5. It is glad that KSC has finally open thanks to Mr. Hong’s persistent. KSC was like my second home before it was closed. My father was ex-committee member and he will share the same feeling if he is still around.

    Congrats to KSC.

  6. Christkw
    Good question, I suppose that is taken care of, at least the completed portion should be “certified fit”.

    For the record, I am now a member of the club, and looking forward to seeing more facility, especially a bigger gym and sauna to be installed asap.

    For those still looking & thinking, come join the club!

  7. It seems like the building is not 100% completed and now is open for public. Did they apply for the occupation certificate or ccc?

  8. I am a new join member in KSC. It was a great place for my family and we have a great time especialy for my 2 kids.
    I am hoping the sauna and jacuzzi can be in place soon.
    But the membership card look a bit lousy, no standard and hope you can improve on it.

  9. I visited the pool yesterday and Mr Hong was generous enough to offer a day use without commitment.

    Our kids had a great time.

    Comparing the RM1 DBI pool, I won’t mind paying slightly extra for a decent facility. I am only hoping other amenities like sauna and jacuzzi can be in place soon. This is a great club for family, considering what is available in Ipoh today.

    I am planning to sign up a membership very soon.

  10. How blessed Ipohites are to have generous individuals re building a pool to encourage water sports etc & to cater to society around Silibin area. Thank God for present BIG hearts.

  11. If you want it cheap and affordable then there’s the MBI pools to consider. They come with a 50-meter Olympic-size pool and the entrance fee is a mere RM1. However, before taking the plunge one has to consider the health hazards and the number of people in the water. For the serious swimmers the MBI pool is not too conducive.

    James has given us an insight into the Kinta Swimming Club and what the future holds for both members and non-members. Let’s not overact.

    It costs a bomb to patronise a public pool in Australia – between AUD 8 to AUD 10 (RM24 to RM30) to enter the pools in Brisbane and Melbourne, respectively.

  12. Think the RM5k are for the family membership, for Single membership is RM2.5k and both of them are transferable membership. There is also a RM800 annual plan with no monthly subscription (non-transferable) if affordability is the concern. Thus, i think the club is trying to cater for all.

    Moreover, i understand that more affordable “learn to swim” packages are rolling out soon especially for parents who just want their children to enjoy the swimming experience but cannot afford to join the full membership. Lets wait and see what the club does next before we judge them as “another rich man” project.

  13. acde222 I think your comment shows you do not understand the background to this tremendous project. The Hong family have put their heart, soul and personal money into the pool over many years. They will never get back what they have put into it and Hong Senior particularly has done his utmost to give the people of Ipoh something outstanding.

    The family membership cost when considered against the money that people squander on unnecesary items, is a very good deal. Don’t forget that public pools and premises require large maintenance activities – pumps, filtration, and the like. The people of Ipoh should be grateful that there are still one or two philanthropists in Ipoh.

  14. ipoh’proud feature Kinta Swimming pool,had the pleasure to swim even though we paid,catered for all walks of life,witnessed world class aquatics meet.Please open up to the public for a nominal fee where you can the see the spirit of 1 Malaysia happening.

  15. RM 5K to Join and with the big gun doing the opening fat chance we local people can go in so whats so grand. Last time I remember ages back anyone can go in just pay a small fee well no more no more. Just another rich man project.

  16. Was told that the club’s poolside dining facilities will be operational by end Nov, serving european fusion cuisine. Will give it a try when its open.

  17. A good story. Congratulations to Mr Hong for the rebuilding of the historic public swimming pool. Wonder why it took so long to be rebuilt.

    How interesting that the water supply used to be piped from the the Kledang Hills.

    Just a little trivia: ACS Ipoh is the first school in Ipoh to have its own swimming pool. It was there when I joined the school in 1962.

  18. Happy to know that this historical club is finally reopened and i am sure there are a lot of Ipoh folks have fond memories in the pool during the 70’s and 80’s. Gonna make a visit to this club soon to check it out. Congrats to all who made this happen!!

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