Bus Service In Perak


In an effort to improve the bus service in Perak, newly-formed Kumpulan Bas Perak Sdn Bhd (KBP), will invest RM50 million to enhance its capacity to serve the public. Managing Director, Syaiful Abdullah, told reporters that KBP had spent RM5 million to purchase 10 new buses to serve some of the routes allowable in its permit. “We’ll buy the buses in stages until we acquire a fleet of 100,” he announced. The new buses will then serve all routes in the state. He said this at the launching ceremony of KBP in Sungai Siput recently. The company is a consortium consisting of bus companies which have been in the forefront of the public transport scene in the state. “Since Perakeans living south of Ipoh have the Ipoh-Kuala Lumpur trains at their disposal, KBP will concentrate on the Ipoh-Sungai Siput-Kuala Kangsar-Taiping-Parit Buntar route,” said Ahmad Marzuki Mansor, KBP’s Chairman. “Our aim is to improve services within our area of responsibility to match those in Klang Valley and Penang. The launching ceremony was officiated by Menteri Besar, Dato’ Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir. Zambry, who in his opening remarks, invited other bus companies to join the consortium to make it a more viable entity.


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  1. just need to say ur bus travel time sucks!Bus driver took extra road trip to do their own work,pick up goods,drive slow.If taking extra hour for stop rest still reasonable,But non stop driving from penang to seremban took 7hours?to melaka took about 10 hours?We not living in 80 or 90s where we took kampung road traffic jam and narrow,we talking about free n wide highway road from north to south.We not talking about office rushing hour or heavy season holiday periods.Realy bad service and just mark a bad impression!

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