SeeFoon Continues Her Foodie Feeding Frenzy with Day 2


Ipoh is a paradise for Foodies. Being a foodie is more about appreciation than recreation. It’s about being adventurous enough to try new things and to savour flavour combinations you never dreamed of. It’s about driving an hour for a bowl of noodles or eating at ten stalls to find the ONE definitive taste that suits your palate. Here is Day 2 of my personal Foodie-Feeding-Frenzy, a selection of tastes and treats that will have you sated and satisfied.

Hakka Mee – served with Yeong Liew (tofu and vegetables stuffed with fish paste)
a. Restoran Cathay (17A Jln Dato Tahwil Azar – New Town)
b. The Paris Restaurant (164 Jln Sultan Iskandar Shah – New Town)

Chu Yoke Meen (Pork Noodles)
a. Kedai Kopi Kam Hor (89 Jln Canning Estate, Ipoh Garden) with offal including intestines. Ask for their Mee Sua.
b. Kedai Mi Cong Yin (39 Lebuhraya Tmn Ipoh Selatan, Ipoh Garden South). Ask for extra bamboo pith and the Japanese shirataki. Go early and have one each of their glutinous rice dumplings and their fried sui kao (a large ravioli)
c. Kim Keei Seafood Noodles (relocated to a corner coffee shop off Jln Bendahara behind new shop-lots a short distance from Sri Maju bus depot). Offal available. You can also have it with just seafood. Great homemade chilli sauce.

Mid-Morning Break
1. Roti Telur – Restoran Goodshed (opposite Cargo Terminal – Lot 4901S Jln St John)
2. Pau – Restaurant Yee Look (175 Jln Kampar). Large variety of Hainanese steamed Pau…from lotus seed, red beans, coconut, vegetarian, curry, pork – all encased in feather-light fluffy pastry. Also Lor Mai Kai steamed glutinous rice and Malai Kou or steamed cake.

1. Wong Koh Kee (3 Lorong Panglima (Concubine Lane) – Old Town, 05-2419474)…IE 71. House specialties: sautéed watercress with sliced roast pork, Hong Siew Yu Tao (seasonal price) – deep-fried Carp’s head braised in a soya sauce mixture, and PeiPa chicken.
2. Samy Restoran (70 Main Road, Chemor). Banana leaf rice, Vegetarian, Chicken Curry, Mutton Curry, Crab Curry/kampong chicken/turkey/duck. Air-conditioning available in the back.
3. Restoran Ipoh Padang Curry House (93 Jln Raja Ekram – New Town). One of the few Indian restaurants that serves all day thosai and roti canai; also great kampong mutton curry, kampong chicken curry, fish…IE 84.
4. Restoran Salim (75 Jln Bahru, Off Jln Tokong, 05-2555786). Fish head curry, mutton curry and their specialty sambal…IE 75.

1. Nga Choi Kai:
a. Restoran Lou Wong Tauge Ayam (49 Jln Yau Tet Shin – New Town). Order the pork balls along with your choice of chicken.
b. Kedai Kopi Kam Hor (89 Jln Canning Estate, Ipoh Garden) touted by the cognoscenti as one of the best but the service is incredibly slow and you may have to wait an hour!
c. Restoran Cowan Street Tauge Ayam & Kopitiam (44 Jln Raja Ekram – New Town)
2. Sunny Seafood Beer Garden (Lot 139474, Jln Raja Musa Mahadi (5-8pm)). To order: 016-5570808 (Ms Lee) Steamed river fish, Glass Noodle Crab, crab with salted eggyolk, wild boar…IE 91.
3. Tuck Kee Restoran (1&3 Jln King, Off Pasir Pinji, 05-2553870/2419071) booking recommended. Must haves: braised beef short ribs, smoked duck’s breast, Wat Dan Hor, and the Har Meen. Even Foie Gras available…IE 92.

Late Night Supper
1. Wonton Mee – Cheong Kee (542 Jln Sekolah, Buntong)
2. Appom – Sudut  Kafetaria (39 Jln Seenivasagam the building next to Prudential Building). Also the Yeong Liew with curry soup is extra tasty. If you’re still able, order their fish head curry which is cooked a la minute. Scrumptious but perhaps a tad heavy for supper? Closes at midnight.
3. Wat Tan Hor…Kedai Makanan Sun Seng Fatt (25 Jln Leong Sin Nam – New Town)

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