Senior Citizens’ Club Perak


(l-r) DP Soh Kim Yew, Beatrice Moissinac (Patron) abd Pres Teh Chooi Hoe

The Senior Citizens’ Club Perak held its 33rd Anniversary Dinner & Dance at the Ipoh City and Country Club on October 6. The occasion was graced by the state director of welfare services, Miss Chong Phaik Kee and attended by about 240 members and friends.

The seniors indulged themselves to a sumptuous dinner followed by a Karaoke session of old favourites then showed their mettle at Ballroom Dancing and Jive to Line Dancing.

The usual Lucky Draws were held in between these events.

The seniors showed their stamina by dancing until closing proving that they are a force to be reckoned with.


3 thoughts on “Senior Citizens’ Club Perak

  1. Im impressed but is there a senior citizens club or any seniors activities in Taiping Perak? My parents are there and i would love for them to get involved in activities as they always complain that they are bored.PLEASE HELP.

  2. Yummy, All the beautiful sexy ladies from Ipoh
    doing Line dancing. Wow – Phee Phew
    Am I invited ?
    Yes, good to remain active and play a round of Mahjong.
    Good, keep it up.

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