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Panglima Lane Is Falling Down


Another unoccupied shop lot along Concubine Lane had parts of its front upper floor and roof tiles fall on the lane below on 28 December 2010. In June this year, another unit along the lane lost its back upper portion.

Yesterday’s unit, No 5 is located next to popular Lou Chiu Pai (old brand) Restaurant Wong Koh Kee. Luckily when the roof tiles fell at 930am there were no passersby below.

According to the owner of the premises Mr Yong Sin Wah, the unit is a pre war building and has been vacant for more than 10 years. Yong acknowledged that MBI had contacted him whereby he had arranged for a contractor to immediately clear the debris below and put up a barrier outside the premises to alert pedestrians to the danger.

Yong also stated his contractor would start work to demolish the building next week and would take a week to complete the job.

Concubine Lane is a popular tourist destination and has been earmarked for conservation by the state government with an allocation of RM450,000 for conservation work. A check with Dato Hamidah Osman, the State Exco for Tourism for an update revealed that RM300,000 had been released so far to MBI two months ago adding that “however MBI has as yet not reverted back to me” on the scope of work to be carried out.


PSPA Singers Raise Rm7k For Orang Asli


Christmas is a time for giving and the performance by the PSPA (Perak Society for Performing Arts) Singers inspired the audience to donate a sum of RM7,000 when the hat was passed around.

The donation took place at the event entitled “Message of Love and Inspiration” a choral presentation by the PSPA Singers which was jointly organised by YMCA and St Peters Church, Ipoh. The purpose of the event was to generate funds for the Christmas events organised by the Orang Asli community.

According to Dr SK Teoh, St Peter’s Church Council Chairman, “there is a large Orang Asli community in the area around Tapah, Kampar and Gopeng who are active during Christmas. Hence any charity provided would be a benefit to their community”

The PSPA Singers under Director Chin Yoong Kim provided an inspiring performance which gradually brought on the mood of Christmas when the choir sang Christmas music and carols.

The Singers, all volunteers, had been preparing since September to perform during the Christmas season with the goal of raising funds for charity purposes. The Singers had two weeks earlier performed at the Fatimah Hospital Chapel.


Unnecessary killing of 50+ year old trees in Ipoh


old trees uprooted ipoh

Last week 4-5 of among the oldest trees in Ipoh were uprooted along Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah or Tiger Lane, Ipoh, next to the Royal Perak Golf Club.

old trees uprooted ipoh

The land was apparently recently acquired by the State Government for the construction of a hotel, and the seemingly first step in this endeavour was to thoughtlessly and without any form of public consultation, destroy some of the oldest plant-life in the city, if not the country.

old trees uprooted ipoh

These magnificent trees not only provided iconic character, but also immense beauty and shade to one of the most picturesque parts of Ipoh.

old trees uprooted ipoh

This senseless act becomes even more aggravating when one considers how the protection of these trees would have greatly enhanced the beauty and attraction of the intended hotel.

Navin (Ipohite for over 30 years!)


Reply from the Mayor’s office:

“The Council finds it necessary to fell the trees based on recommendations by the insurer who said that the trees were old and posed a threat to passers-by”. Datuk Bandar.

SMC Honours Top Students in UPSR Exam


Sri Murugan Centre (SMC) awarded trophies to students who had done well in the UPSR exam during a ceremony held in SMK Sungai Pari. Thaneshawaren a/l Mahadavan who excelled in academic work and participated in extracurricular activities was the recipient of Anugerah Menteri Besar award for this year.

Thaneshawaren – recipient of Anugerah Menteri Besar

K. Nachemutu, Perak Co-ordinator of SMC informed that there are about 1,500 students studying in the various SMC centres in the state. This ceremony was to give recognition to the students and parents were requested to accompany their children to show their commitment in the education of their children. He thanked the state government for allocating a piece of land behind the Subramaniyar Temple in Gunong Cheroh. A building consisting of classrooms and hostel for outstation students would be built at a cost of RM3.5M.

Dato’ S. Veerasingam, Advisor for Indian Affairs, represented the MB and congratulated SMC for the service they are providing for the Indians. He added that the state government has set up a fund to provide financial aid to poor students and requested SMC to provide particulars of such students to him. He said that parents should not watch TV while their children are studying. They have to make this sacrifice if they want their children to concentrate on their studies.

A. Jeyaraj

Nativity Play Reliving The Birth Of Jesus Christ


Its Christmas and the Churches around Ipoh have been busy putting up the Nativity Play depicting the birth of Jesus Christ.

For OMPH Church the preparation for the play was done by the Sunday school teachers and began at the beginning of November after the end of the PMR examination. Parents / teachers and former students helped organize the script, rearrange the music and design the set. The week before opening night saw a daily hive of activity.

The result was a successful show which saw the audience’s lively participation in the carol singing and children listening attentively with wide eyes to the play.

Over at the Church of St Michael Ipoh their show was a similar success with many parishioners and public,  praising the organizers for a good show even though the play was in the Chinese dialect. For most of the audience, it was the Nativity Play, where everyone knew the script by heart.

The play at St Michaels was organised by the Chinese Apostolate group. This was their first ever effort and due to the encouragement of former Parish Priest Fr Michael Cheah. This being their first time, their preparations started in August. Their show was held over 3 nights. The show has been invited to perform in Play Penang and will be performing at the Holy Spirit Cathedral Hall on 26 December.

According to the spokesmen from both the churches the importance of staging the Nativity Play was to instill in children the real meaning of Christmas and its origins. From the way the children had been attentively listening I believe the message got through.


Christmas at Teratai


There was gaiety and merriment for the 26 residents, ranging from 80 to 100, at the Yayasan Teratai Aged Care Centre at No. 8 Jalan Foo Choon Nyit, Ipoh. It was time again for their annual Christmas party.

Far right: Mariam Foo

The party started off with Christmas carols followed by a slow foxtrot (or whatever trot one was able to do) whilst singing along to Chinese oldies. Mariam Foo, a retired teacher and resident of 6 years, led a laughter session and got everyone ho-ho-ha-ha-ha-ing away; it was great fun and thoroughly enjoyed by all. A line dance performed by friends of the Centre  followed suit. Presents were given out to residents by Mrs Ho Lian Foo, representing her husband, on behalf of the board of trustees. The evening ended with a sumptuous home-made dinner.

The Centre can accommodate a maximum of 29 residents. It just so happens that all the present residents are ladies, which once prompted someone to ask Yayasan Teratai General Manager, Cecilia Chan, if this is a ‘convent’. The Centre is run by Marina Phung, the matron, with four nurses, six maids, a cook and a driver.

After breakfast every morning, residents partake of different exercises like Qigong, Tai Chi and Yoga. Walks in the beautiful grounds are encouraged and some residents occupy their time with watching television or, playing cards or board games, like ‘Snakes and Ladders’.

Another significant event held at the Centre is the Chinese New Year reunion celebration which usually coincides with the return of family members.


Tong Yuen Festival


The Perak Builders Guild more commonly known as Perak Kin Cho Hong hosted a Tong Yuen dinner for 110 senior citizens from four homes, Simee, Jelapang, Sungai Siput Old Folks Home and Luck and Harmony Home, Gopeng. The function was held at Simee Home for the Aged.

(l-r) 2nd from left Vincent Lee, Simee Home GM, Dato Thong and Builders Guild President Tang Chong Seong.

The Guild’s President Mr Tang Chong Seong said that the guild had celebrated the festival every year but this was the first time they were sharing the celebration with senior citizens.

Dato Thong Fah Chong, the MCA Ipoh Timor Chief who was the guest of honor for the event commended the Guild feting the senior citizens,  saying their act was a “fond gesture of appreciation”

Gutinous rice balls and Poon Choi

The dinner for the night started with a festival bowl of tong yuen (glutinous rice balls). This was followed by that sumptuous “Hakka dish” Poon Choi followed by glutinous rice, steamed chicken, water tofu and a desert. The meal must have been very good because the senior citizens cleared every dish.

The senior citizens were then given “ang pows’ before the night ended slightly after 8pm.


Workshop on Heritage and Dilapidated Ipoh Buildings Rescheduled


A workshop which was to be organised by the city council’s buildings department before the end of the year to determine how best to handle the preservation of buildings of heritage and historical value and how to deal with dilapidated buildings in Ipoh, has been rescheduled to January.

This was confirmed by Mayor Dato Roshidi after the recent MBI full board meeting. Roshidi had stated in August that the workshop was to be held before the end of the year.

Roshidi said that he had recently received instruction from Menteri Besar Dato Seri Zambry to “give serious concern to old buildings and its landscape” to which he stated that he and his team would be “going all out” to resolve the issue.

In recent weeks, heritage society members have been enquiring from Ipoh Echo the outcome of the workshop.


Zambry Fetes the Media


Perak Menteri Besar Dato Seri Zambry Abdul Kadir recently entertained the media’s representatives to a dinner at the State banquet hall. This was the second media dinner organised by the state as a show of appreciation for the media’s contribution to the state. The dress theme for the night was Black and White.

Multiple Media Companies posing with the Menteri Besar

Over 400 members from the mainstream as well as alternative media, such as online websites and bloggers were present at the dinner. The guests included senior state exco members, state assemblymen and Heads of Department.

Awards for long service

Zambry serving the media during dinner

It was an easy going night where Zambry handed out Long Service Awards to media personnel and souvenirs to the Bureau Chiefs. Zambry also served the media during dinner and obliged practically all the media present to be photographed with them.

It was a long night what with close to 200 lucky draws to be called out. However it was worth the wait as the top prizes included laptops, iPads, SLR cameras and LCD TV’s.


MBI to Take Action Against Stray Cattle in the City


The Ipoh City Council will go all out to look for the owners and operators of cattle farms who are allowing their cows and buffaloes to roam freely in the city, and take the necessary action.

Mayor Dato Roshidi Hashim gave this assurance recently after Ipoh Echo published a front page story on its IE110 issue on the nuisance and danger to residents and motorists caused by stray cattle in the city.

“We are serious about solving the problem of stray cows and buffaloes,” he stressed when questioned by media after the monthly MBI Full Board meeting. “I have instructed the enforcement officer to initiate a mechanism on the method to capture the strays and the transportation to be used. Our procedure will be ready by 30 March 2011”.

Under the city’s by-law on stray animals, owners could be fined not more than RM250 for each stray, or, if the offence was committed repeatedly, the animal could be sent to the abattoir for slaughter.

Our cover story reported that judging from the amount of complaints and police reports lodged by residents about stray cattle, the situation is becoming serious.

Stray cattle are sighted daily in various parts of the city, particularly in the Lahat, Menglembu, Silibin, Jelapang, and in areas near Jalan Kuala Kangsar.

These stray cattle are not just a nuisance, but also a threat while grazing in populated areas, and as well as a danger to motorists. A van driver was killed when his vehicle knocked down two buffaloes last month. The buffaloes were also killed.